Dirty, rotten, no good, sticky fingers!!!

snitches get stitches...
...so what happens to thieves??

Does the punishment fit the crime?

In Australia theft is classed as an indictable offence and carries a max of around 1000 penalty credits so therefore you could be looking at a fine of around $150,000 or a decade long stint in the nearest cell.

So why on earth are more and more people feeling the need to steal? what angers me is that 90% of items stolen are not food. As a society we should help each other out more when it comes to access to good food however those starving aren't the ones with sticky fingers...

It seems to mostly be the junkies and money hungry w*ores that are stealing from people/businesses and then re-selling the items on gumtree or facebook marketplace and still want to put down everyone else / thing around them it is absolutely infuriating.

Don't you agree?

Dirty, rotten, no good, sticky fingers!!!
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  • ChrisMaster69
    In the UK 90% of thefts are for funding drugs.

    the most common item is house break ins for car keys.

    the average house hold item these days is worthless and no one steals it.

    utter scum
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  • Kaneki05
    Shrugs. I've lived in poor area's for sure with tons of crime. But i can tell you what one crime literally never happened and that was stealing. Maybe the local shop but it would be like legit a can of cola or something.

    So haven't really experinced it. More just vandlism. But anyway stealing is mostly done for drug money i bet.
    Make drugs legal and easier to get legally and cheaper. That would solve most stealing i would think.
  • Pogi-Paddy-2
    Personally I think that your view is skewed because I think that most of society doesn't steal and those who do usually have underlying issues. From what I read from your post, it would be like if you have a hangnail on your hand you should cut off your hand rather than dealing with the underlying issue.☯️
    • After re-reading my myTake I do admit that it sounds like a rant rather than an opinion... but speaking of Victoria, Australia (more so Melbourne) statistics show that theft is the has the highest crime rate... but what my underlying issue is about is the fact that people aren’t stealing food out of hunger they are stealing tools or beauty products to fund their addiction.

    • Tweakers will be tweakers no matter where you live in the world.

  • Well, in the US, it's mainly the large corporations and the wealthy that steal. No punishments for them.
  • ToastyOats
    Bill Gates want to forcefully stick a needle in my arm. That's something I'm mad about.
  • krin_m
    That is a sad state of affairs.