I know. Hate will never end.

Yet where there is hate, there will always be love.

Before I go on...

To read this myTake, you must be able to acknowledge that you either currently, or at some point, just go/have gone with the flow of society, not really being your own individual at all times and kind of just not embracing your full potential as someone who has a lot more to offer. If you can't do that, or feel you have ALWAYS been your own person, then im sorry Mr or Mrs Coolio, this take isn't really for you, so you may want to stop right there lol. That is all =]

Okay that's that done. So I wanted to show y'all a video of a woman who is well known on social media. Her name is Em Ford and she is a blogger in London. It's quite moving [well, it was to me] and I hope you take a few minutes to view it:

Kinda intense, right? i seriously imagine how I would feel reading those comments about me and I'm almost brought to tears. How on earth did humanity move so backward, so cruel, so heartless?

It's so ridiculous that humanity has advanced in things like technology, laws, fashion, etc., and yet SO BEHIND ON THINGS THAT MATTER, LIKE LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT!

I'm also not here to discuss makeup and how much women love it, or how much men hate it. I'm not here to discuss any other aspect of the video besides the sheer boldness of it, SO IF U WANNA HAVE THAT DISCUSSION, I won't RESPOND, ok? :) good.


Still reading? U little trooper I like you :P

Call me strange but sometimes I feel so mentally exhausted for my sisters around the world...

Who are trying to force food back out their own throats,

those who starve themselves,

those who cannot leave the home without trying so hard to look flawless,

only to be mocked for being 'too flawless'.

And I'm so emotionally drained for my brothers...

trying their best to fit in,

to make it into a man's world even though he's already a man.

Those who attach their value to women, fitness, sex, money, being 'bad' and the rest of it.

They say he shouldn't cry, even though sometimes he just wants to yell out and sob until his tears run dry.

We just live in a society of fish following a goddamn current with an unknown end.

#YouLookDisgusting .

But no, not her. Hah.... not Em Ford.

She has just shown millions of people who suffer with acne that you are as beautiful and as confident as you allow yourself to feel. She isn't immortal... she is human, with insecurities, yet she made this video for everyone to see, not to mention exposing her haters lol.

What kind of person does it take to be so bold, so audacious, so... 'scandalous', to look around and say "this.... this is all wrong. gotta turn back".

back... to basics?

And so now I ask you...

What if, that person was you?



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