Let's talk about Atopic Dermatitis!


I asked a question earlier about atopic dermatitis and if people know what it is.

My plan was to have a follow up question based on the answers, but I figured it would be a little confusing to mix the info with the question, so I am writing this first as a reference.

Lets talk about Atopic Dermatitis!

Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that is NOT contagious. The cause of it is unknown and it can affect children before the age of 5 or adults later in adulthood.

"Atopic" refers to a group of diseases with an often inherited tendency to develop other allergic conditions

Signs and symptoms vary widely from person to person and include:

- Dry skin

- Itching, which may be severe, especially at night

- Red to brownish-gray patches, especially on the hands, feet, ankles, wrists, neck, upper chest, eyelids, inside the bend of the elbows and knees, and in infants, the face and scalp

- Small, raised bumps, which may leak fluid and crust over when scratched

- Thickened, cracked, scaly skin

- Raw, sensitive, swollen skin from scratching

It may spread out and can be seen at different areas of the body, such as arms

Lets talk about Atopic Dermatitis!

The chest or neck

Lets talk about Atopic Dermatitis!

And in other cases, like mine, on the face - most prominent in the eye lids - and scalp.

Dry phase
Dry phase
Inflammatory plase
Inflammatory plase

Atopic dermatitis follows a circular pattern which consist of 1. a dry and flaky phase as the first picture, which is itchy and a lot so. The dry skin falls off and leaves behind 2. exposed and wounded skin which hurts a lot and is red and swollen, that subsides slowly. Which may or may not be followed by a normal phase where the skin appears to be alright (in my case that lasts 1 day maximum)

What can you do for it? Nothing. There is no cure for this, only aids to help lessen the symptoms.

So my way of handling it are many special products, shampoo, bathing cream, emollient cremes for face, body and eyes, special make up, etc etc....

Water is your enemy, so bathing or rather having a shower is restricted to 3 times per week maximum. It might seem extreme to some people who are used to taking a shower daily or twice a day, but it is necessary.

How it feels? Awful. Especially since in my case the area like the face can't be hidden under a shirt or long sleeve.

The itchy phase is hard to resist, especially on the scalp and truth be told, I always try to resist when someone else is around because I know how it looks like.... You get the idea.

Well, thank you for reading this. I will stop here and ask that question I intended to. Will attach the link to it later.

Let's talk about Atopic Dermatitis!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I am so sorry to hear about this :(

    Wow! It's sad that stuff like this happens. But on the good note, let's be glad it's happening in modern times at least there are some things to help the symptoms.

    It's not an easy thing to go through... But I suppose you can get used to it and know how to best deal with it.

    My roommate for example, has lymes disease and is stuck in house and confined to his bed 23 hours a day 7 days a week. His phone is his best friend.

    Every one has struggles but unfortunately some more than others... But id like to think that we all have battles we struggle with.

    Thank you for sharing this!!!
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    • With or without Make up? β†—

      Thank you for your response! Initially I wanted to add this question here as a follow up, but then I realised you can't update my takes. So excuse me for using your comment for it. ☺️

      There sure are worse conditions than that, I am not trying to complain here. I was just thinking how many people are aware of it. I understand that it can be repelling for a guy and it is of course easier to make assumptions than stay around to ask. That's what was kinda troubling me...

    • I'm not trying to say you were wrong for bringing this up. I am glad you did. I'm I don't think you are complaining you are opening up about your life.

      I sometimes like to see the glass as half full. There are people with struggles all across the board. My encouragement to you is that you are not alone, there are others that struggle with you

    • It might be eye catching but repelling is a strong word. To the guy that is repelled, he is not the guy for you. I would date the person not her skin...

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Most Helpful Girls

  • SydneySentinel
    I'm sorry to hear this! Even heightened irritation can change your mood significantly. I can't imagine feeling this all of the time. I hope these products and cremes help at least eliminate some of the itching!
    Thank you for sharing this information. Great and informative take!
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  • blackrose_
    I have it sometimes (sometimes gets away)
    Anyways they told me to avoid eggs and to not eat too much sugar
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    • Many people who have eczema are also diagnosed with food allergies. Eggs are one of them.
      And food high in sugar raises insulin levels and might also trigger the flare-up.

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  • wynn-ing
    Dang, this sounds like shit to experience! I'm really sorry.

    Thank you for taking the time to educate about this : ) I've never heard of this before...
    This sounds awful to have. I have allergies to latex and break out in hives but at least i can try to prevent it. Sorry for the people who suffer through atopic dermatitis.
    Seeing a dermatologist is the best to heal your skin and make up is the worst thing to use.
    • I have seen a dermatologist. There is no cure for it. Some cases are responsive to corticosteroid treatment, mine is not...

    • That sucks. 😯