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It's difficult to be a feminist in the modern times


I was wearing my favorite shirt that says "punk rock feminism rules" and I had a couple people that were quite aggressive towards my shirt "feminists don't get anywhere" "men are important too" "how stupid"

As I went home and threw away my shirt it made me think, it's hard to be a feminist in this era of time. People just assume you hate men and are aggressive. The original feminist ideology was equal rights. Not to be higher than the other gender. But to be equal.

This is the shirt I was wearing
This is the shirt I was wearing
It's difficult to be a feminist in the modern times
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  • Kaneki05
    Misogynistic men will always exist don't let them tell you what to do.
    And they were as vocal as they are today as they were back then.
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    • leosp5000

      She won't sleep with you man.

    • Kaneki05

      what? I don't even know how to respond to that. Are you an idiot? Oh a level 1 fake account just to be misogynistic and say dumb shit online great.

  • sugarboyy
    Unfortunately, some women distort the real concept of feminism.
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    • CaliSixx

      True. And it makes the real feminists look bad

    • sugarboyy

      unfortunately i'm so sorry

    • "That isn't real feminism."

      I've heard this phrase used in similar fashion to describe a variety of things like various religions and political ideologies, music genres, even everyday food condiments... But in the end it all boils down to this: "That isn't real X, because people who believe that brand of X are wrong. You should believe my brand of X, called Y, because it is completely flawless and nothing is wrong with it." In other words, people are always gonna believe their sects are the right way and everything else is wrong.

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  • MCheetah
    The original feminist ideology was NOT equal rights. It literally was man-hating and always has been. Feminists are stupid because they espouse all this dogma, yet can't take five f*cking minutes to look online what first-wave feminism was all about. Which was a political power-grab for rich and powerful wives of rich and powerful men. Sh*t, it's not hard to look up the "Seneca Falls Convention of 1848" or see what Millicent Fawcett and Susan B. Anthony thought about men in general, and especially Negros at the time. They OPENLY hated men.

    And the Suffragettes were literally the Black Lives Matter of their time; so hated due to their arson, vandalism, and crime, they set back women's suffrage by nine years, which is why it didn't happen until 1919.
    Yes, Millicent Fawcett and Susan B Anthony outright hated men.
    Yes, Millicent Fawcett and Susan B Anthony outright hated men.
    And yet, feminists want to be taken seriously when they say blatantly retarded, stupid sh*t like the Wage Gap, Rape Culture, and "Feminism is just about equality." Stupidity is one of the things I have the least respect and most disgust for, and few people are more stupid than feminists and the woke. I mean, god damn, it's not like you don't also have the internet!

    In fact, only second wave feminists ever did anything even remotely positive for society, and most of Civil Rights and Equal Pay in the West was achieved without their help; they just happened to not pick a losing side this one time. It'd be like ANTIFA claiming they helped get gay marriage passed in the US, because of some thin overlap in ideals and beliefs.
    This is what feminism has mainly given the modern world.
    This is what feminism has mainly given the modern world.
    Feminists get so much sh*t because they're generally stupid as f*ck, extremely negative, talentless, bitter, angry, pessimistic, anti-male, anti-female, angry, narcissitic cunts, who spend more time protecting the "name" and branding of feminism, playing "No True Scotsman" and implying feminists can only be good people who don't hate men, and other trivial nonsense, than helping women in any countries browner and less Capitalist than their own First World lap of luxury where they can enjoy more social and legal benefits than men do.
    "Equality when it suits us, traditional gender roles when it doesn't." - All feminists
    "Equality when it suits us, traditional gender roles when it doesn't." - All feminists
    Last time I checked, women didn't require military conscription to vote, nor did any men have ANY reproductive rights to their unborn child. Yet they want to bitch about "oppression" as the most pampered and protected class of life to EVER exist in the history of planet Earth, possibly only surpassed (but likely only rivaled) by the super rich.

    And the reason for this is simple: Women get pregnant, men don't. Women, therefore, have ALWAYS been more protected and important in society than men, by sheer biological necessity. And you wonder why I get so pissed the f*ck off, when feminists say the insanely STUPID sh* t they do, without even knowing the basics of their own ideology?
    Men suffer 9:1 in society than men. Who's trying to fix the inequalities in that?
    Men suffer 9:1 in society than men. Who's trying to fix the inequalities in that?
    Women HAVE MORE F*CKING RIGHTS THAN MEN DO. MORE. They also live longer and work less hours than men, too. I quite literally do more sh*t to help women in Third World countries than feminists do. Ever heard of a site called Kiva. org? I sincerely doubt it.
    These are my actual donations, not some image taken off the internet.
    These are my actual donations, not some image taken off the internet.
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  • ChrisMaster69
    A lot is down to extremism and that there are some many options that your head hurts.

    Social media messes it up as well, it allows people who are basically Celebrity Idiots a platform to spout often rubbish. they start it off or end it with some Feminist comment which they use to justify the often rubbish they post.

    i am all for equality, the company I work for sponsors Girl Gamers in E Sports, we also sponsor Girls Who Code and Engineering places.

    As with all things however anything with extremism starts to fail, LGBT, BLM, etc all have a very real need but fanatics / extremists really mess it up and are counter productive in nearly all cases.

    We had a very drunken chat in the pub a few weeks back. The majority of my social group are girls, so it was not just a bunch of guys moaning.

    when you look at the types of feminism, then this thing about waves, it’s like ouch my head.

    Then they often don’t agree with each other.

    Our discussion was funny as we had a couple of lesbians and a trans, and ages where 22 to 50 (about 10 of us).

    The final bit we arrived at was along lines of mutual respect, opportunities irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and religion, oh and age. Basically being nice to people.
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  • corny_cooter581
    First of all that's a cool shirt. Second of all I get where you're coming. I've heard it all. Oh feminists are just trying to emasculate men, we wanna kill all men, we're terrorists, we hate men blah blah blah. Like geez all I want is equal rights. I feel like people"s view of feminism has been distorted. Although I've also noticed that a lot of the people who preach about feminists being evil also don't seem to give a shit about men's rights.
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    • leosp5000

      Feminists hate men, thats why many men dont want to date and marry women anymore.

    • @leosp5000 I'm a feminist and I don't hate men. Those are just extremists

  • HighValue
    Feminists are against equal rights. The meaning changed generations ago so you can't expect people to think of it in a way that lost its meaning.

    It would be like saying someone looks gay today. Nobody is going to think you mean they look happy. The meaning changed long ago.
  • PAcc92
    Feminism is an ideological hate movement that says all men and boys are subhuman "Oppressors" it ignores the Men and Boys enslaved for war without the vote (26th Amendment), the men and boys ground up in machines, the men and boys who are 80% of suicides.

    People are judging Feminism by it's actions, that's why less than 1 in 4 women are feminists.
  • FilmGuy93
    I'm sad to say that I totally know what you mean. I think the feminist messaging really went too far and now it's just hurting the cause. The reality is that women accomplished equality in the west a long time ago, and now the new ideas are just trying to take from men, and men are getting tired of it.
  • Celtero
    Feminism is shit. It paints women as perpetual victims while demonizing men. Life used to be worse for everyone... not just women. Women might've been expected to be subservient, but men were expected to go die off in wars and work their entire life. To this day, women across the world have a better quality of life on average and higher lifespan for every reason. Yet, we're still lectured about how poor ol' women have it. Nope! Women have all the benefits of society and none of the burden.

    Your shirt belongs in the trash.
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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    That's because people now realize what feminism actually is. If i simply wear a masculinism/MGTOW t-shirt, it would it be in a different.
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    • * it wouldn't be any different

    • MGTOW are just male versions of feminists

    • @SlightlyEccentric They don't have the same ideology though. So although people might treat them the same, it's the result of an accurate representation of feminism and an inaccurate representation of MGTOW.

  • Julious0202
    I really like that phrase: “the washing machine did much more for women than feminism” maybe I'll make a t-shirt with this in it
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  • lorenzomichael
    It's probably harder to be Black today than being a feminist. Im not either one so I don't really give a fuck. I'm just racking up points for no reason. but good list to whoever you are...
  • OrthobroBasil
    Lol what? Feminism is massively accepted. It is, however, practically impossible to be a sane traditionalist in modern society.
    Feminism is inherently disordered. It is prideful. It is cringe.
  • anylolone
    Hey, it should be as hard as wearing a nazi swastika unironically.
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  • Alphonsolawa
    Well there are a lot of feminist that are even into matriarchy.
  • BillyBalls
    The "new feminism" is nothing but hate filled!!!
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  • f_ckjoebiden
    Feminism is as retarded as CRT.
  • Casia94
    Feminism is about equal rights, nothing else.
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  • Anonymous
    Feminism was never truly about being equal. If that was true then women would have also had to been subjected to the draft since they were able to vote but for some reason feminism was fine with that.

    Even at the time of the Declaration of Sentiments at Seneca Falls, the threat narrative that men were oppressing women was the foundation of the movement.
  • Anonymous
    "The original feminist ideology was equal rights."
    No, the *original* ideology -- as in first wave feminism was not about equality, it was about power. It was a parasitic movement which latched onto the suffragists. Second wave feminism, latched onto the civil rights movement, and third wave feminism latched on incautiously to it's own toxic spawn -- intersectionality/social justice. You can trace communist ideological injections throughout it's lifetime as well, this thing has never been about equality, at best it's about "sameness", but even that is just the mechanism for undermining culture and gaining power.

    "It's difficult to be a feminist in the modern times"
    Yes, because they suck and people see how much they suck now. But normal people don't have a problem with equality. If you want to value liberty and individual rights, then it's important not to be feminist and simply value those things and people will be accepting.
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  • Anonymous
    Times are changing.

    I think feminism is no longer what it used to be. I kind of looks like it's on life support.
    Just look at it...

    They're still bringing up the wage gap,
    They're "intersectional" even though it causes infighting,
    They hate being objectified by men, but then go around letting women objectify themselves.

    Then there's the recent abortion debate...
    Feminists think MEN are the ones attacking a woman's right to an abortion, and they always seem to forget that there are WOMEN who are pro-life.

    Feminism is falling apart, and it's desperately trying to hold itself together... because that's what a business does when their market value is dropping. They start reaching.
  • Anonymous
    It's difficult to be a Nazi today, too. The good news is that you can CHOOSE to NOT be one.

    Anyone who chooses to be a feminist in the West today is an asshole.
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    • That’s not exactly a fair comparison. The original feminists were good people fighting for a righteous cause. It’s just become perverted since 3rd and 4th wave have nothing else to fight for.

    • Anonymous

      @DarkWinterNights I'm talking about what feminism is today, not what it once was. We need to judge feminism by what it is, not what it used to be, what it should be or what we wish it was. Feminism is as feminism does.

      I stand by my original statement because it is a fair comparison.