💯Civil War is an Concept that should DIE- (Civil Peace should LIVE)💯


The shortest my take ever:

everybody needs to watch the movie Glory.. to know that Civil War is *not a fun* way to go. It’s terrible and should be left for extreme situations. In and of itself, War can be very ugly- for every single member involved.

(Despite the name.. it was a sad ending for everyone who lost.. not the war.. but their lives.. and their friendships..)

💯Civil War is an Concept that should DIE- (Civil Peace should LIVE)💯
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  • Sixgunsound

    Beware waking the sleeping giant who just wants to be left alone by pushing them too far. The side poking the giant is the side pushing for war, and can choose to stop at any time. I am beginning to lose hope that the aggressor will stop pushing however.… I love you

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    • Wtf? How did that last bit get in there?

    • RosieMelts

      Lmfao best comment to read. Serious in politics and then for a second I thought you were about to die or something and said I love you in general to all of us, but I laughed at the comedy of its randomness and your realization at the error Great share by the way!

    • Thanks for MHO

  • Andres77

    Those that seek it think they’ll win and take the loser’s stuff. One half is generally willing to avoid it but you can only push them so far. War in almost every case is started by great arrogance.

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  • Jennz6

    Hey Rosie, I agree with you completely.

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  • Rangers

    Civil war is bad, but it beats living through the holocaust which is where liberals are trying to send us into, we outnumber them 2:1 and we have a valid purpose to fight and save our country, all they want to do is watch people suffer.

    They'll freeze in horror the moment they start hearing bullets striking near them, they'll either run away as we advance or they'll die but the American flag will wave true at the end of the day

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  • Agagagagaga

    Fun Fact: the monument in Boston to the 54th Massachusetts Infantry was vandalized by BLM and Antifa during the George Floyd riots and was covered in graffiti and paint. The city of Boston had to block it off to protect it from further damage.

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  • RationalMale

    The problem is simply.

    There is no option anymore of "you live the way you see best in your part of the country and we live the way we see best." The Left cannot or will not let that happen.

    So either the Right has to get on their knees or violence will the result. And we are on the path full steam to violence.

  • exitseven

    War is not a much fun as everyone thinks it will be. I saw a movie called the Deerhunter about Vietnam which had that as one of the central themes.

    It really does look like we are heading down that path.

  • Lliam

    It's true. War is not glorious. It's not natural for people to slaughter each other.
    Also, civil wars rarely have the desires outcomes. They often wind up with dictatorships.

  • Kiran_Yagami

    No war is fun, but sometimes differences between groups are irreconcilable. War isn't just an option in that case. It is inevitable. Peaceful resolution is not possible anymore. They will have to match their might against our might and we'll see whose ideals are worthy of surviving.

  • BJP21

    Nothing pleasant about any given war. In All Quiet on the Western Front, the teachers glorified war as a heroic thing while soldiers were trying to stop the glorification of war.

  • Snakeyes7

    Good luck with that. As long as we have people who have the immaturity of flipping a board game over saying "that's not fair" after losing fair and square, there will always be war.

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  • Guardian45

    War is ALWAYS ugly & horrific! There is NO sweetening it up! There is NOTHING redeeming about war! It should be avoided at ALL COSTS! The ONLY GOOD thing about war is its END!

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  • monorprise

    The only reason you would see a Civil war is either:

    1: Some states/people decided the union had become destructive to the ends they joined it and they would rather just govern themselfs. Then Only if the Federal goverment again derided they must rule everyone with or without their consent.(Thus proving the 1st war was about power over all men not just those called slaves.)

    2: As is now more likely A president decides its too much of a risk to agree to hand over power to his enemies peacefully and instead utilizes his control of the worlds largest standing army to hold on to power.

    The States that voted him out then try to remove him by force under the leadership of the one they voted for, along with whatever elements of said Government he doesn't control. They would be fighting that overwhelming military force as well as more than a few states that Likely that choose to believe whatever reason he gives.

  • SmokinAces2000

    Well some Civil Wars are necessary, without the American civil war there would still be slaves all over the south

    • bean2k21

      Really? You think the Civil War had a happy end result for blacks? You're a total moron.

    • Did I say that? No I didn’t and if it was up to the south black people would still be on plantations

  • MountAverage

    Who, other than complete psychopaths, even think that war is "fun"?

  • Jackblue

    Saying that war should end is easy, coming up with solutions is much harder.

  • USLegionary

    What if its Russia?

  • OddBeMe

    Well thts some 1984 dumbness.

  • pizzalovershouse


  • Anonymous

    The fact is the US experienced a civil war during the middle of the 19th century. It was a war. Call it what you want, but that is an historical fact.

  • Anonymous

    Well, seeing as how the MAJORITY of wars today ARE civil wars, it would probably be a good idea to learn something about them, no? Therefore it's an incredibly useful and important concept.