Black Beauty: God's Gifted Colour

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Black Beauty: Gods Gifted Colour

Anyways, there was a very interesting question that caught my attention. "Why did God make me black?" The description was...

"Why do some people want to hate me and not know the person within? Black is what people are "listed" when others want to keep them away."

Of course I said...πŸ§šπŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

"Black is beautiful. Black is sexy. Black glows in the sun. There is beauty in melanin, sweetheart. Don't let anyone else make you feel otherwise."

I would like to expand on that, so grab your popcorn, juice *cough* wine, and relax! ( '-')

Black Beauty: Gods Gifted Colour

We all know the United States has painted a rather interesting image of black people, and a lot of people know the history, so there is no need to repeat it on this myTake. It is too depressing.

Due to the depiction the American media has created, black people are seen as ratched, uneducated etc. They are also seen as a race that is the least desired to have a relationship with.

BUT! Hold on!

Black Beauty: Gods Gifted Colour

What people seem to forget is that black people are everywhere! Not every black person is African-American, and not every African-American is "ratched". Let us not forget white trash exists. LOL

So, would you call them "ratched", too?

Just saying... ( '-')...take a deep breath, and keep reading, before typing. In fact, let us take a quick break! I need this thing called food. 😌

Black Beauty: Gods Gifted Colour


Now, where were we. Oh, yes!

So, the fact that there is a lable on ALL black people, is due to the medias incompetency, and in justice in the law. To be honest though, I am not going to lie and say that African-Americans' are helping the case. I am not African-American, but rather Nigerian-American. We are typically loud, but not to the extent we see African-Americans' being loud. There have been times that I am in a group and an African-American does something I would never have thought of doing, or behaves in a way I would never behaved. It makes me feel embarassed and uncomfotable, due to the fact that in America, there are stereotype put on ALL black people, which then leaks to the world.

Not every black person is African-American!

Black Beauty: Gods Gifted Colour

Now, this doesn't mean that they are bad people. Their history runs deep and is very painful. I feel for them, I really do. So, a lot of the reason they may act aggressive is due to the fact that they feel unheard, and underappreciated. So, it comes out as aggression, even though some of them don't mean to be. I have met African-Americans' who are soft spoken, and are just normal. They are well educated, have a family, and are just living their lives. For instance, one of them is a lawyer. She has her own firm, is happly married, and has little children.

They don't fit into the stereotype that has been created, which at times I wonder if it makes some people mad, so they just keep the stereotypes going, just so that they are able to feed people negative opinions about black people. Regradless of if the black person is African-American, Jamacian-American, German-American (yes, there are black Germans...wake Nigerian-American etc.

So, the law and the media is at fault for making them feel unheard.

I am happy to annouce though, that as of the 15/06/24, the percent of black inmates has decresed! πŸŽ‰

Please, before you come for me, and tell me that I am lying, take a look at this chart from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Where tf is the hispanic category, tho? LMAO
Where tf is the hispanic category, tho? LMAO

For my doubtful peeps, please look up BOP Statistics: Inmate Race on Google.


So, perhaps the law is slowly shifting to make things fair, but why can't the media? Why can't the mindset of the people change, too? Why can't the white people in America let go of racism. What makes you feel so entitled? Your ancestors? You mean the ones that stole the lands we walk on from the Native-Americans'? Before you start typing, think...there is no lie in what I just said.

I am not saying don't have pride in your roots. Heck, I am proud to be Nigerian and southern at the same time. I love both world!

I am saying, though, remember you stole the pride from a different group. You want people to look forward and forget about that. Yet, you can't look forward and let go of racism. Just in case some of you don't know, there are white people who actually take the time to TEACH their children racism, which is absolutely wrong. Children don't put a stereotype to a colour, unless they are taught. Move on, and accept that we should all be equal!

My beloved black peeps, my beloved African-Americans, you are loved, and you are heard. Maybe not enough, but perhaps change your demeanour a bit. Prove the sterotypes wrong. The world is watching, regardless of if you know it or not. Will you changing your demeanour make some people mad, because they can't use it against you? Absolutely, but it shows that you are willing to start looking forward, too.

God didn't make you black as a punishment. Don't let anyone tell you that. lol

He made you black, because he loves you. Being black is absolutely wonderful! I love it here! Being black is...a sun kiss...I love the way my skin glows in the sun. I love the way I stand out. I love being a soft feminine black woman. Hard to believe, yea? Black women can be feminine? Yes, we can. LOL

Black Beauty: Gods Gifted Colour

Yes, your history runs deep. Yes, it is a very painful history, but let us look forward. Let us create the change that needs to be created, together. Let us start by being accepting of ourseves: our skin colour, our ability to stand out. Let us stand out in a good way. Be soft, but don't let anyone step on you. Be silent, but don't let anyone silence you.

Black Beauty: Gods Gifted Colour

Thank you for reading baddies!!!!
Time for me to go complete my uni assignment! Much love! πŸ’œπŸ§šπŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Black Beauty: Gods Gifted Colour


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Black Beauty: God's Gifted Colour
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