Will I ever see or hear from him again?

Its been about 6months since me and my x broke up, and I still haven't heard from him. We were together for short of a year and he was my first love and I was his longest relationship by a long shot. I know he is sensitive but he is very good at covering up his emotions. Originally he was head over hills for me and later on once he got a "real" job he stopped doing the little things I loved so much, we went from being together everyday for months to once or twice a week, calling me a couple times a day to once at the most, and even stopped saying I love you. One day I couldn't take it anymore and broke up with him because we didn't fix the problem I had warned him about. He said it was better we stayed that way because he was going through a change and needed time but that love is not something that just goes away over night. Next thing I know he said don't bother calling I won't respond. I recently called him from a friends phone and tried to talk to him and he said I got to go and he sounded so cold and I hung up. What is he thinking? Why won't he talk to me and will he ever call me again? does he care about me at all?


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  • He does care, but if as he said he was going through changes and he of found it a hard time and then you went and dumped him, I'm not defending him but I know how it feels. I know how much your first love means to you but maybe him distancing himself from you is good move, it will give you a chance to look for someone new, I know it hurts at first but it's been a while since you've broke up and it's unlikely that you'll get back together and even if so, you'll always have a doubt in your mind whether he'll go through another strange patch, it's going to be a tough move but it's something you've got to do, think yourself strong and learn from past mistakes, I'm sure you can do it - if you managed to hold a year relationship with this past guy then that's one good point already! Getting too know more new guys and getting your life back on track is a wonderful feeling, I've never doubted the decision to move on and although it might not seem like the best idea now but you'll look back at the memories with your ex and do a big smile. I wish you the best of luck :)


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  • Sounds exactly what me and my ex went through except we were together for 3yrs. and the last few months were long distance because she went off to college. I pretty much acted the same as you're ex and you acted the same why mine did. I doubt you'll hear from him again, my ex calls me maybe 2 or 3 times a month but I have zero interest in talking to her.


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  • I think that's how all relationships start out. Everything is amazing and he does cute little things and tells you the sweetest things and you think you can see it lasting forever... but then something changes and it feels like its literally over night. You don't talk as much as you used to and when you do he seems bored.

    When you say he got a "real" job then stopped acting like he used to, it makes me wonder if he kinda out grew you. Maybe with his new job he feels all grown up and important. Ironically, when you say he didn't fix the problems you told him about, he is just a boy and boys don't seem to want to commit to fixing problems--its too much work for them.

    This kinda happened with my first boyfriend, except we only dated for like 2 months haha everything was fine and dandy until he started getting distant and almost cold towards me. Next thing I know he is telling me that we should just be friends and that was that.

    What is he thinking? God only knows. I texted my ex even after we broke up, but I could tell over time he was just getting annoyed with me so I stopped. It was hard for me but I realized there was no point in wanting him if he didn't want me.

    Why won't he talk to me and will he ever call me again? He probably isn't talking to you because he doesn't want anything to do with you right now. I feels like if they relationship is over he doesn't have to talk to you anymore so he isn't. I hadn't talked to my ex in almost six months and we just recently started being friendly again. Not flirting, but we can talk like two normal people now without there being a strain on the conversation. After some time when all the wounds are healed up, he might call you again and ya'll might be able to talk, but maybe by that time you'll be over him and be able to ignore him.

    Does he care about me at all? Yes. There is no way that ya'll could have dated for almost a year and him not have leftover feelings for you. The thing is, guys don't act off their feelings haha where a girl would call and try to talk, a boy would just as soon do nothing about his impulses and go out and have fun to forget they exist. That's what I think anyways...

    I hope I helped you some...

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