Will I ever hear from him again?

I didn’t hear from my boyfriend for a week and a few days before. We work together. I saw him get picked up by a different car than he usually does. I contacted him the “few days before” and asked why hasn’t he been talking to me. He told me he was busy and have been out all day every single day. I mentioned how I saw a girl picking him up and asked was that the reason he hasn’t been talking to me. He laughed and said yes it was a girl but it was a relative. So he says he has to end the call cause he’s going out but promised that he will call me when he gets back with what he’s done doing. Which he did. The next day we hung out and he told me he took a vacation off work for a week for something important with family (he told me what it was but I won’t say cause he might read) and his vacation starts in two days.

The vacation started but I only heard from him the first two days. No calls just a few short texts. He is not a big texter, he hates texting and calls me. He never called the whole week and when I did he didn’t answer. Didn’t hear from him for the next few days. What he was doing should not have have taken a week to do but only two days. He called me at like 3am. He works night shift so it’s normal for him to be up around that time but who knew what his intentions were. So after I texted him 50 times this same day (2 days before his vacation ended) he finally calls and talks to me. He is upset at me for not answering at 3 because I was off work and could’ve answered and saying he’s been busy all week *in a pouty angry voice*blah blah won’t be able to talk until he goes back to work then hangs up on me. I texted back but don’t hear from him after that and the last day. So the day he goes back to work like he said which was Thursday he called me non stop. I rejected all the calls. He might’ve called me earlier before that too but I turned off my phone. I don’t know what to think and should I even have answered the phone.
Will I ever hear from him again?
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