Why are men naturally better looking than women?

It's true. Men can look so hot it's hard to believe, and it's all natural. For women to look hot, they almost always needs to wear makeup. I mean, you never see a picture of a gorgeous girl, where she isn't wearing makeup. We look like crap, when we wake up, men doesn't.
Men have better skin (often) they don't have circles under the eyes, their hair don't get all pancakey.
Maybe it's just because women's beauty standards have been set so high because of makeup. And if nobody wore it, girls wouldn't be considered ugly whitout.
In nature, the males are always better looking than the females. So that they can attract them, and mate. But we aren't as primitive, as animals. We have standards, and leagues, and consider more than the looks.
Do you think men just are the better looking gender, or that our standards for women, have been twisted and are now unnatural?
Why are men naturally better looking than women?
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