Should I tell a girl I like her even if she has a boyfriend?

Alright so I've been talking to this girl that I knew my freshman year of high school and I could kinda tell she liked me but then our schools got separated and now on my senior year I move to the same school she's at (because of zoning) anyways. We have been going out to places and stuff like that. The other day I was going to ask her if she wanted to go to the movies but she beat me to it (so she ask me), and I was like sure. So we went out to eat and hanged out then we watched a scary movie and she was all over me but no kissing but she was scared and hugging me, after she said she had a really good time. Recently I asked her if she wanted to be my homecoming date and she said "i would love too" But now I found out she has had a boyfriend for a while now I think about 3 months, and every time I mention something about her boyfriend she changes the subject or if I ask her where does he live or what school he goes to she never gives me an answer she just says I don't want to talk about it in a laughing smiling way. But I have seen his picture on her MySpace so I know he exist. Well I really like her and want to tell her that I like after the homecoming dance, so how should I do it and after all I just want to get an honest answer from her but don't want to make it awkward afterwards in between us.
Should I tell a girl I like her even if she has a boyfriend?
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