Girl wants help with homework

A girl at my college always asks for my help with her homework and I have helped her three or four times even though I have plenty of my own work to do and sometimes she is better what what she is studying then me. Its like she just wants somebody to hold her hand. Though I'd like to think I help her because I'm just that great she's I find her pretty attractive and I myself am pretty lonely. She laughs at things I say and sometimes we brush elbows and other sings that she likes me, however were doing homework and if I wonder if that's just a lure. I wonder if I'm being used then I remind myself nobody said anything about us being in any relationship and it wouldn't make sense for her to go out with me just because I helped her with something. Its a complicated thing. Does she need the help I can't tell if she just thinks I'm smart or she likes me. Hopefully both but I'm really not sure. I don't want to be just friends I have been disappointed and heartbroken and frustrated that way. I also am not to proud that now I don't want to be friends like I'm just sex obsessed or something obviously I'm a basket case of issues what I'm really asking is do you think she likes me and is continuing to help her do her work going to lead anywhere
Girl wants help with homework
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