The dreaded winter formal...what to do?

OK. It's that time of the year. My schools Winter Formal has just been announced and I find myself dealing with the same issue as the years before. The way I see it I have 3 options. 1) Go by myself 2)Ask a close guy friend 3) Desperately pray to God that someone asks me.

It's my senior year and I am really just looking to have an amazing time. I LOVE dancing but I go to a really small school and a lot of the guys (a lot of white cowboys who have NO rhythm) can't dance so they stand awkwardly in the corner. I really don't feel like walking off the dance floor every time a slow dance starts playing...So what are some suggestions. Should I ask a guy or is that bad? Should I wait patiently? Go by myself and not have a definite dance partner? Ask people at the dance? What are the chances of a guy saying no to my slow dance request? What are some cute ways to ask a guy to slow dance? Anything will help!
The dreaded winter formal...what to do?
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