He treats me like I don't exist?

There's this guy that I used to be friends with, and we don't talk anymore. I've tried numerous times, to find out what happened, but he won't tell me, I texted him once after not talking to him for almost a year, why we don't talk to each other anymore, it just seems weird, and he told me flat out that he doesn't want to talk to me. The last time I spoke to him in person, everything was great, so I have no idea what happened. He even brushes past me when I see him at school. We're in college, so you'd think he'd be a little more mature than that.

He acts like he hates my guts now. Whenever we do talk these days, it's always an argument, and it just makes things worse. He still talks to all of his other female friends, and his/our friends in general, except for me. He's intentionally not talking to me. I can't know what I did wrong, if he's not communicating.

Do you think he'll ever talk to me again? Why would he just turn on me all of a sudden like that? It doesn't make any sense
He treats me like I don't exist?
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