Dump my aspiring musician boyfriend?

I am dating a great guy - he is kind and loving and so much. He is also 19 (3 years younger than me).

He plays guitar about 6 hours a day and works out. He just finished school and I sat him down to apply for college- and he did.

He has always had the dream to be a guitar teacher which is great, but now that school is done I thought he would at least get a part time job to start saving for college but he is not interested. He just wants to work on his music and he is thinking of not going to college so he can learn more guitar...

He doesn't want a job - he doesn't want college - he just wants to sit in his room and play guitar for 6 hours a day to "get better".

I love him but the whole not having a part time job OR deciding he doesn't wanna go to college is kind of a big deal for me because I can see things going horribly WRONG (meaning he sits in his room and plays guitar for the rest of his LIFE- hoping he gets better)

What do I do? He has been offered a job for a couple days a week and he doesn't wanna take it - music is his LIFE ... there has to be a BALANCE...
Dump my aspiring musician boyfriend?
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