Most black women only like black and Asian men?


I understand black women love black men, but I thought I was the only one attracted to Asian guys.

It wasn't until a week ago I learned lots of black women like Asian men like me. I think Asian men are very beautiful. They have full lips, almond shaped eyes, broad noses and pretty clear skin. They are similar to black men in the physical characteristics I like. But Asian men are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Asian men are more focused on school and usually are great husbands, while sadly many black men aren't focused on school too much and many black men aren't trying to commit to any one girl.

I didn't know black women liked Asian men too until I saw this
Most black women only like black and Asian men?

Then I researched it and saw A LOT of black women like Asian guys. Asian guys don't like us too much which is fine. I personally find black men and Asian men to be the most handsome and I suppose most black women agree.

I just enjoy looking at eye candy anyway.

But there really is a whole large amount of black women who prefer black or Asian men. I think this is great because it's not just me and a lot of black guys made me feel stupid or bad for liking Asian men ever since I was 12 and I'm just now seeing lots of other black girls do too.

I think it's sad there aren't more black female/Asian male relationships in the media. The media seems obsessed with pushing black women to date white men, which as you can see from the poll the two groups really have no interest in the other so why force something neither group wants?

But aside from that I found out many youtube channels with black women with Asian men and so now I feel like I'm not weird anymore.
Most black women only like black and Asian men?
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