Boys forced to dress like girls in school?

Anybody think this is a good idea? OK so I read about this elementary school which required ALL students to dress like women for a fashion show to celebrate Women;'s History month..I thought it was SO degrading...Mandating cross-dressing? Don't get me wrong, I think setting aside a time of the year to focus on remarkable women is a good thing (some people would ask why there isn't a white history month...Or a Male History month...umm..well that's pretty much the other 11 months of the year as I see it) So read about remarkable women..discuss them..Assign essays about women...But cross-dressing? How could anyone think this is okay? My answer: I think some people are obsessed with trying to blur gender lines...Mostly some people that would call themselves feminist...I have no problem with trans gender people..Or those who share some traits that are more common among the opposite sex, I know I would admit I have feminine characteristics..But the truth is..For most of us..We express our gender in contrast to one another..And we complement one another..Not supplement ashtray...A guy doesn't detest how women dress..They often like it ;)...Same with girls..But just because you appreciate something doesn't mean you would personally embrace it..Luckily enough parents complained and it was canceled...Real stupid move to by the school..Shouldn't have been an issue in my opinion.
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Boys forced to dress like girls in school?
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