What will it take to wake females up?

Now, before I begin, you'll notice my attitude toward this topic will seem bitter and one-sided. I apologize to those who will be offended by this, but I've posted here, in order to gather data quickly.

To start, I'm 19, African American, I don't smoke or drink, and I don't believe in "date-sex". I'm not super-model handsome, but good looking enough to catch a nice looking girls eye by being "kind" or "sweet" to them.

Now, through my observation of females, I have noticed some very annoying tendencies with girls my age.

They are very weak-willed and easily influenced, lack self control, very superficial, and are severely delusional when it comes to romance.

Its like they use the endings to romantic comedies as a guide to how relationships should be.

You could say that this is just girls my age, and I'm young and I need to understand that its just a phase.

My problem with that is, usually this "phase" for women involves prematurely getting involved in a relationship with a guy, and, inevitably getting their hearts crushed because the guy didn't fulfill their delusional fantasy of how love truly is.

To be honest, If I'm going to date, the girl HAS to be a virgin, and I don't take that silly "I thought he was the one" crap, as an excuse.

(I'm only talking about people REALLY trying in a relationship, not the oversexed kids who are just having sex for the sake of having it)

I know that guys are usually horny mindless f***s at my age, but, when will girls wake up and stop using the old "I loved him" excuse to open their legs? Because honestly, love transcends sex, and a lot of young guys and girls my age put too much emphasis on it.

Another sad truth about girls my age is, they will run guys around trying to find their "prince", "knight in shining armor", "soul-mate", or w.e foolish ideal of a man they picked up from watching too many Disney movies. So even if they find a good one, they are subconsciously studying everything he does. If he does something contrary to whatever magical fairy tale criteria they have created, their eyes will wander.

I'm probably one of the few guys who tells girls off for saying things to me like "I wish my boyfriend was like you". I get very annoyed if I notice someones girlfriend coming on to me, because I know if I don't "meet her criteria" she'll go behind my back and do the same thing.

I'm sort of in a catch-22 because. I shouldn't be concerned with girls my age because they aren't mature enough yet, but I don't want girls who have already been corrupted and "done everything", which is what happens to them between the ages of 18-25.

That coupled with the fact that women have a tendency to constantly want to upgrade their man if they think they can achieve someone better, has me thinking "f*** them, ill just use them for what I want, and ditch them"

Is there really any hope, because I honestly don't believe women are worth the effort.

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(Naturally, if I'm demanding that my partner be a virgin, it wouldn't make sense if I wasn't. I don't believe in premarital sex)
What will it take to wake females up?
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