What is your opinion on “Adult Bullies”?

To be clear, by adult I mean anyone over the age of 18. Doesn’t have to be in the work place necessarily, just in general those that bully after that age.

I honestly think it’s pathetic no matter what age but at an age where you’re considered an adult it’s just embarrassing. You’re only showing yourself up and highlighting your own insecurities. What is your opinion on “Adult Bullies”?


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  • They must lack common sense. If they are still bullies after graduating from high school then they must have not gotten the memo that says they can get in legal trouble, they can ruin their career and they also run the risk of receiving a major whooping.

    • I always point out the same thing. If you are over a certain age and you do something stupid, the full force of the law can and will come out to get you. I remember on Quora a debate on whether to physically attack bullies. I pointed out that it should be the last resort, since the ADULT thing to do if bullied, especially if resulting in injury, money loss, etc, is suing. You get caught in a physical fight, the police won't always care that you were victim first. You physically attacked means possible jail time. Law is law. But it can be used to an advantage and it's a lot more legal to do so, therefore, take advantage.

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  • It stupid honestly because no one should be a bully to anyone i can understand why kids do it probably because of who they around with , the parents , friends , etc... But still bully needs to end kids shouldn't be doing it either
    Adult bully needs to stop to because it is not only stupid but childish... Instead of gossiping , fighting , and etc.. Help the person out.. Find good words to say even if you don't know him her or hated him or her... Apologized as well. And don't be fake.. And especially this :
    Don't judge anyone by the appearance of the outside but look in the inside of there heart and see how they feel... And place your self where that person is right now and see how you would feel weather bullied or not.

    And this :
    Treat othersthe way u want to be treated
    Do unto others as have do unto you

    Bullying of all kinds needs to stop
    🚫 bullying


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  • A crucial idea to keep in mind when you’re dealing with an #adult #bully is to know your rights, and recognize when they’re being violated.

    Some victims of adult bullying remain quiet about their experience, and hide their suffering within. Reasons for keeping silent may include, and are not limited to fear, shame, embarrassment, denial, a sense of helplessness and powerlessness, as well as gender, cultural, social, and/or institutional conditioning.

    However, being a quiet victim is not only mentally and emotionally unhealthy, it can encourage the bully to repeat and intensify their aggressive behavior. No matter how difficult the circumstance, seek out trustworthy individuals to confide in, whether they be friends, family, workplace confidants, counselors, or operators on a crisis hotline. Sharing your experience is not only cathartic; the support you receive may often strengthen your ability to handle the challenge.

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    I had done research on this topic and presented my research papers in International Conference.

  • You even wonder why people hate the current generation?

    They are week, cry babies. No one is aloud to tell them no, or disaplin them in any good way.

    I'm only 29, so I am, unfortunately port if thus generation. I was bullied for a large part of my life, and that's why I'm not a whiny baby like others my age. I was coddled in any way, and I am GLAD of this. I'd thank every bully I've ever had in my life if I could. I am frequently in touch with a lot of them, and they are some of my best friends. Bullying (to an extent) makes you stronger. Yes, I do believe bullying past throughout a kid in a trash can or make fun of them for being short, etc.. isn't great. But the fact is, it's a part of life, for most of our lives.

    People need to get over it and move on, stop feeling sorry for themselves, let it make you stronger. And guess what will happen.

    We will earn the respect of the older generations, and we will flourish as a result.

    I have 3 kids, and they are occasionally bullied. I let it happen, as long as it isn't physical, and then talk to them later about it. And you know what? They are the kindest, most loving, thoughtful, and caring to other kids because of it. And when they are bullied, it bothers them very little, and they move on.

    Coping is a LIFE skill we as a society are stripp8ng away from the young. God help this world in the near future...

    As for being an adult and being bullied. My word, grow a pair. If they hit you, that's one thing, but if they make fun of you in any way possible and do other childish things, who cares. Get over it, have some self respect and move on. For the love of God, move on.

    • I don't understand why you're getting the downvotes. Kids of all ages need to push back when bullying happens, and only rely on parental or institutional support if absolutely necessary. We've got to work out our own problems whenever possible. I felt a sense of achievement when I came back at a bully and to their surprise they left me alone. Only one time did I have to get my Dad involved; I was in 5th grade and a few junior high kids were kicking my ass on a regular basis. I was in the room when he called one of the guys dad, he was very polite, but man the beatings got turned off in a heartbeat. And I'm not proud that I bullied a few kids along the way either. I was giving this geeky 6th grader a bad time, and he must have been used to it, because he took me out with one punch to the head. The last time I fucked with anybody.

    • **to MY surprise they left me alone...

  • We all berate others. Bullies jus do it more openly.

    A bully is a tipe of character who desires to see others the way they really are and uses manipulative and sometimes violent tricks and tactics to tick off his victims and the bully is satisfied when they show their true faces. It's even better if there's an audience to witness it.

    However more often than not the goal is to show the week and the humiliating side of the victim.

    That is because our nature is egoistic and we desire to put others down to lift ourselves up.

    But there are no negative trates, that cannot be used for a positive purpouse.

    If the bully character cared about someone more than he cares for himself he would use his skills to manipulate the other in such a way that would bring out his positive traits and he would find satisfaction in seeing his "victim" thrive and reach his positive hidden potential. Think, a demanding coach or a strict boss who understands that his workers are his most important asset.

    It takes real maturity to use your negative traits in a positive way. It may even take a fundamental change in worldview.

    I tend to be understanding even to bullies if I see them strugling with the fact that they have a need to humiliate others. But I don't tolerate anyone taking pleasure from other's suffering.

  • You can't take the human out of human beings. Juvenile behaviour happens at all ages and in all walks of life. People have insecurities, it's just a question of how deep you have to dig to find them. Find the right trigger and you will see perfectly respectable people acting like utter fools.

    Very few people have gone through life without being catty at times.

  • It doesn't mstter what age they sre, they are no more than a person with low self-esteem that feels a need to belittle someone to make themselves believe the illusion that they are better than the person they are jealous of.

  • Bullies are great being one is even better. The high off putting someone down is amazing making someone cry is better than cumming.

    There pathetic/psycho what question is this xD

    Anyone who likes the misery of others is psycho.

  • Whoever can be bullied over 18 years of age, that one has a real problem as well, not just the bullies. People should learn how to protect themselves instead of playing the victim as that's the latest trend, so they can whine via social networks or play the SJW on YouTube.

  • You can't stop bullies its impossible

    Always will be bullies in this world bruh. Just learn to stand up for yourself.

    From my view its more pathetic to allow yourself to be bullied whether in school or in the workplace or just in your everyday life. If your waiting in line for something and a another guy cuts in front of you and you tell him "Hey you skipped me!" and he goes "So, do I care?" its way more pathetic to sit there and allow him to bully you then him bullying you. Its only natural bullies exist when someone sees someone who is vulnerable and weak they look to take advantage of that and get what they want from them. People assume bullies are being bullied themselves so they to take out their anger they bully others but thats mostly not the case. They do it simply because your not gonna do anything back and they know that. Telling someone isn't gonna help and it just makes things worse. Trying to reason with a bully is dumb and naive asf. What you need to do get some balls, do some push ups and fight back. Nothing solves bullying then fighting the bully physically. Even if you don't win it shows the bully your not gonna let him get his way and that'll they're gonna have to fight you every time they try and take advantage of you.

  • There's an old wise saying: if somebody thinks some crap about you - break their nose. That will teach them to think only proper stuff about you.

  • Adult bullies are the best! I don't even have to hesitate before I choke the shit out of them! Haha!

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  • Surprisingly common. But I guess human narcissism and the thirst for drama and power is strong even after you become an adult.

  • Adult bullying has to do with a lot of things, but it is because they have been taught that that is the way to express themselves and it is an ok to do it. Maybe their parents did it to them. Or maybe they have done it and it didn't have any negative connotations or consequences.
    There are subtle ways to do bullying too:
    1. sarcasm, saying something like you agree with the other person but you disagree and you say it to make them feel stupid
    2. complaining or indirect passive aggressiveness
    3. stonewalling/silent treatment/ghosting
    4. contempt/criticism

    The correct way to do something isn't always obvious to someone. Which is to be
    1. accepting and tolerance of differences
    2. be proactive instead of reactive, and problem solving mind instead of blaming and punishing
    3. learn to have non violent communications
    4. empathize without having to lose your own point of view
    5. synergism and forgiveness, along with finding a common ground one needs to realize that one makes mistakes just as well as anyone else... humbleness I suppose

    I recently had a terrible experience with a 60 year old bullying me, and it left a terrible taste in my mouth and I never want to talk to that person again. Her grandson was climbing the slide and my son went down the slide and accidentally hit him. She called me names and put me down in front of my husband and two kids. I was so confused. I made my son apologize and I told my son to be more careful about going up and down the slide so he doesn't hit anyone next time. The goal is to make sure the problem doesn't happen again, it is not to punish, shame or criticize anyone. It's to be proactive and problem solving. It's about having the mind set of win win... people need to read 7 habits of highly effective people. I didn't want to deal with someone who was out to destroy and crush me so I totally forever just ignore her now. It's not totally her fault that she is the way she is. She probably is that way because she was taught that was the right way to do things.

    My mom also emotionally and psychologically abuse me along with my sister... I just woke and realized what they were doing. It's not always about the bully. It's about the one being bullied to learn to stand up for themselves too. Read the book "boundaries" by townsend and cloud, and just walk on with your head held high when someone wants to crush you down.

  • I left college because of it, the bitching and backbiting by a group to other people in the class made me stand up and tell them where to go.. it ended up they turned on me who was sick of their crap, reporting me to lecturers that made me quit... it was like high school but with adults.. not nice environment they can make people feel uncomfortable and adult bullies are very clever at the bullying as well

  • I experienced that on my own skin and saw on others and I can say that not the all people who we call adults really are adults. Its really pathetic like you say and its just so immature and unacceptable to see that on adults... like really? All the people called adults should have at least minimal respect for other people and their differences.

  • Here’s my viewpoint on this. It has been contemplated on my behalf. Adult bullies are possibly bullies from childhood and they continue the cycle as they age. A lack of maturity. It can stem from them taking their frustrations and insecurities out on you, pure boredom and possible jealousy.

    It’s pathetic but you live and learn. If this is personal and you’re referring to yourself being the target, stand your ground. If you’re the bully, well...🖕🏻

  • Anyone who thinks bullying is going to stop just because you're a grown up is sorely mistaken. This shits here forever, we can try to minimise it but its human nature. That doesn't make it acceptable, it just makes it akin to that annoying file on your computer that takes up too much space but can't delete for no understandable reason. (Read, Cortana)

    Its caused by insecurities, nobody is free from insecurities, and nobody has never bullied or been bullied.

  • I think it's sad.. .

    When I've seen that kind of behaviour at my workplace I've always said something and of course it has always been frowned upon but I don't care as long as the people I work with feel at ease.

    Last time this happened was one manager talking total bs about one of my colleages and I told him he was a total NUTCASE to him and to my CEO and that I'll keep my guard on. I work as an office manager so my position is complicated but when I see an asshole I let them know I know what they're up to... As in printing quotes about narcissists and sociopaths (I know it's passive agressive but they can go to hell as far as I'm concerned)... Anyway, I resigned recently because another company offered me a job in a better work environment... So that's really the advice I can give... If someone is a douchebag at work you should stand up for it and not be scared at his position, we should all be there for each-other no matter what and bullies should not have the right to impose themselves or their politics onto anyone.

    • *scared about the power of his position (sorry for ze type os)

  • I agree with you. You don't want to be labeled a bully cuz it's not a good thing. It's nothing to be proud of. Unfortunately most bullies I believe don't realize they are being bullies so they do it thinking it makes them better than their victims. But they are transparent in the aspect that their insecurities and jealousy is very noticeable.

  • They need to figure out where their insecurity lies to get past it-whether they need help doing that or not. They will never have a happy and fulfilling life until they do.

  • I think it’s pathetic. Usually I only see someone acting like this after they’ve been promoted. They tend to boss other people unnecessarily and usually threaten to have others fired.

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