Facebook is very annoying - 48 hour rule when you unblock someone, you can't block them again for 48 hours. Help!

I had someone which I don't like due to major issues on my block list on Facebook. To be honest I got a little curious to check out her profile, stupidly I unblocked her checked out her profile and went to put her on unblock again not to realize Facebook has a ridiculous rule, in-which your not able to block someone you have removed from your block list for 48 hrs from when you you removed them.

Now due to the issues we have with one another I thought I should deactivate my Facebook for 2 days until 28 hours pass. I know its pathetic to go to this extent but it's a long story.

Anyway what I want to know is, I have now deactivated it and I want to know if I have deactivated it at the time it has been deactivated is the 48 hours actually counted as 48 hours or do they only count the 48 hours while my account is activated? I tried googling it and couldn't find the answer. Please please help. Also please do not tell me to change my privacy settings etc. I need her blocked. Thanks.


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  • Hmm no idea but my guess is they do count the 48 hours while it's deactivated. Consider this. I blocked you and then unblocked you. Then I deactivated my facebook account. After a year, I reactivate it... I should be able to block you and not have to wait 2 days to do that.

    I made the same mistake once but I don't think he noticed that he was unblocked.

    The only way they can find out during this period is if they search for you or you randomly pop up in a comment or something (when someone blocks you, they can't see your comments so sometimes it looks like people are having a conversation with themselves).

    Give it a shot, if it doesn't work and you still have to wait, you could try some other things...

    1. Go on your profile and limit all your privacy settings to make yourself virtually invisible to everyone you know. Go to privacy and make yourself invisible on search and invisible to friends of friends (usually by leaving it on friends only)

    2. Create a new friends list and put all of your friends on this list (make sure you you add any mutual friends to this list) and limit all their settings so they can't see anything you're doing. They won't be able to interact with you in this period.

    3. Go on your mutual friend's profiled. Go on their wall and recent pictures and comments and links and delete all your comments on them. It's tedious and you'll never get them back but it'll prevent her from noticing (problem is that if you used to be friends with her and you have stuff on her profile like your comments on her profile pictures, they'll show up if she's not blocked)

    That's really all I can say. Sorry about your situation. Hopefully, once you activate your account, it'll let you block her again.

    • Thank you for actually answering my question, rather then judging me like other answers. :)

    • No big. I see why people would be judgmental- the first thought that comes up is that it's about a dumb fight but you haven't even defined your situation.

      I met a guy who was weirdly obsessed with me and I eventually had to get a restraining order against him. His name still showed up sometimes though so I unblocked him to check and there was my mistake. If he was something like a rapist, I would have been screwed.

      People need to understand to keep an open mind. No problem is a small problem.

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  • This is going to sound mean, but seriously... grow the hell up.

    It's just Facebook - do not make it your life.

    If it's not your life, you should easily be able to IGNORE the fact that it even exists, and NOT log on it for 2 days.

    If you can't ignore it for 2 days, then well... guess I'm not the only one with issues...

    • I knew I would get a response like this from someone like you. If your not going to answer my question or you simply don't know please don't add your 2 cents in. OK thanks bye!

    • your a a hole "its just facebook"use your head, look at her situation man , your telling her to grow up! why don't you put yourself in her shoes man, hey becareful.. KARMA has a nasty way of bitten people like you in the!!! an Facebook is the 1st place she should not be.. do as she says if you can't help her out then buzz off! creep!

  • Deactivating your Facebook won't stop the 48 hours from expiring with your block list. Must be a bad story if you can't just let her go unblocked. lol

    • It os won't go into too much detail but she's the girlfriend of the guy who shot my brother. He's in jail though, don't want her seeing my existence at all otherwise I wouldn't go this far. That's why to the previous to male answers don't judge.

    • And thanks for giving me an actual answer before judging me. Appreciate it.

    • Well that's actually a good reason it seems. Not gonna lie I was thinking the same as the grow up answers until you said that. Also you're welcome. :)

  • I expect its 48 hours, active or not. You did the right thing, anyway, as cowardly as it might seem... If she's still unblockable (erhk, lol) when you reactivate it, you could just like, not use facebook for a few days.

  • WOw man.. Grow the f*** up. I'm sure you can ignore this person.

    • Same answer applies to you as TimeAndTimeAgain, so I'll copy and paste just incase you didn't see it lol....I knew I would get a response like this from someone like you. If your not going to answer my question or you simply don't know please don't add your 2 cents in. OK thanks bye!

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  • That rule is stupid!

    I didn't know this until a month ago,when something in my area was happening and students were told to block certain pages,and I stupidly unblocked one to check out the profile,then attempted to block again but it told me I had to wait!Dumb rule!

    • Sooo true just another manipulative Facebook tatic.

  • I had the same exact problem. I left Facebook this message: I am waiting 48 hours so that the person I fear will not see that I have a profile on Facebook. I only unblocked her so that I could block her friends. (She lives with these people and if they see my profile, they could tell her.) I will be back on Tuesday, when I can block her again. By the way that rule is ridiculous.

    • I agree, an I know where your coming from same thing different curcumstances but shooting was involved an yeah you don't need them knowing anything especially on FB just ignore those ones that are saying stuff, cause KARMA comes around, trust me I feel for you... you take care an lay low!