What would you do during the Purge?

You would be in the middle class so you can't freely spend money to buy all the highest security.
How would you survive? Would you hide or act on your right to Purge?
What would you do during the Purge?
Personally, while keeping in mind how the purge is in the movies, even though I would want to steal stuff the likelihood of being killed is too great so I would definitely hide. You don't really know who you can trust so I would tell very little people about my hiding spot. I would like to have security in my house but I would be hiding under ground, under the carpet of the first floor in a certain spot their is a locked door that is exactly ground level and doesn't protrude out. When you open the door and climb in you pull the carpet to flop over the door while you close it so it seamlessly goes back in place. There is then a tunnel that has multiple battery operated candles that need to be turned on, at the end of the tunnel is another locked door and once inside I have a bucket with a bag in it to go to the bathroom, a case of water, 1 meal and a couple snacks, a lot of battery's, multiple portable chargers, my computer and phone, a chair, a desk, and a blow up mattress as well as some headphones. The only real problem that I can think of is what would I do with my animals, the room wouldn't be that big and it's not like I can make them go to the bathroom in a bucket and keep their voices down.
What would you do during the Purge?
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