What's a good rumour you would like to spread about yourself?

I think I'm getting weirder. I'm getting all these crazy ideas.

So hardly anybody is going to know or remember this reference, but there was ridiculous episode of the TV show 'Three's Company' where there was a misunderstanding (oh, just one, you say?)

The setup is you've got 2 single girls and 1 single guy all living together in a Santa Monica, CA 2-bdrm apt. Because they're all broke and living platonically as roommates. But there's a lot of sexual tension (mostly in one direction), and all sorts of outlandish scenarios they get themselves into.

For one thing, they're pretending that the guy is gay. Cause back in the 1980s it was rare for a straight guy to live with a couple of girls, and the conservative landlord downstairs wouldn't allow it otherwise.

One day, they find out that the landlord (and his wife) can hear their conversations coming through the pipes. There was some plumbing work being done, I think. And the bathroom sink happens to be the conduit for some steamy conversation. Once the trio finds this out, they decide to play a joke on Mr. Furley. They devise a plan to pretend that Chrissy (the hot one) is pregnant. By Jack, I think. So they all clamour into the little bathroom and start shouting a made-up story. Jack tells Chrissy, "No matter what I say to you, say 'That's wonderful!" which she obligingly does (she's cute but not that smart.)

So here's the question - what would you want to yell down your bathroom sink so that the rest of the world could hear about you? You have the opportunity to make up any glowing lie about yourself.

Not the scene, but related.What a hottie/cute:She's adorable:by the way, Jason Ritter is John's son and he's such a sweetheart. He has his dad's physical comedy skill. He had his own series recently ('Kevin Probably Saves the World') but I guess it's not coming back after the one season. He also has a small role on 'A Million Little Things.'
What's a good rumour you would like to spread about yourself?
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