Why did she hide her boyfriend from me?

So I kinda hit it off with this girl over summer but she never knew I liked her. Once classes started again we hung out less.

She got a boyfriend in the meantime, but she hid him from me.

The thing is, she seems to hide him on Facebook too. Like she doesn't have a relationship status. Or the other day she added some pictures, and didn't tag any with the two of them. He took the liberty of tagging them both, after which she removed the tag notifications and album from appearing in her wall, although she did not untag herself, and then she removed the pictures of them from appearing in the bar at the top of recent pictures. (sorry, I'll admit I'm a little bit of Facebook stalker)

Is she unhappy with her situation, or is she just a secretive person? Is she embarrassed by him? Or could she be hiding him because she actually likes me?

She knows I like her now, her response to which being "well you never said anything" :-/

Why did she hide her boyfriend from me?
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