Why did he hide his girlfriend away from me?

We’ve been talking for a year he acted like he had no girlfriend the way he way with me so I wouldn’t of known. Me and him don’t live too close to each so he did say ldr never works and he’s got this thing for me where he’d like to see me everyday. Everytime I visited my cousins there (my cousins live in the same hometown as him) he was down for meeting. We had a very strong sexual connection. I always asked him “are u talking to anyone else?” He’d always be like “I’m single xx.” Of course I believed it I had no reason to. So we meet he never takes his eyes or hands off me he’s so touchy and affectionate with me everytime he left he’ll ask for a kiss and hug. But never stayed with me. Even when we was intimidated he’d always be like “look how hard u make me.” And he was like “you’re good company, had a good time with u last time.” He also says how I make him bad and do something to him. I recently found out he has a girlfriend and fuming!! Why do u think he’d even be like this with me if had another girl?
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He was also telling me to hurry up and see him and excited when I was coming over I mean who does that even. Especially when u have a girlfriend
Why did he hide his girlfriend away from me?
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