Why did my ex-boyfriend hide when he saw me?

My ex and I broke up a little over 2 years ago. He is the confident jock/fratboy type, and he treated me terribly. Due to the unhealthy nature of the relationship, our breakup was a mess and we haven't spoken since. A mutual friend told me that he knows what he did to me was "sh*tty" but I've never gotten any kind of apology from him.
Yesterday, I was with my roommate and I ran into my ex with his girlfriend. When we saw each other, his girlfriend just glared at me and he literally hid!!
Like I said, our relationship ended two years ago, he's the over-confident jock type, and I was the one who really got hurt by our breakup. Why would he hide?


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  • Sounds like guilt, if he couldn't look you in the eyes or speak to you he feels guilty as to what he did. However, bet your paycheck that the new girlfriend is glaring at you because he had to do some cover up work when he got with her. Meaning he had to make her understand whey he treated you the way he did even if she doesn't know you, this way if it ever came up, he's safe. Wish the guy well, don't worry and know you are better off, eventually he will or already has done shitty things to her!


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  • he is just feeling ashamed of what he did to you and don't want you to tell to his gf the kind of jerk he is


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