Do black men even see black women and girls as humen?

I'm just looking at all the videos of black men regularly bashing black women. Black women are blamed for king Von's death, in fact black women are blamed for the reason why so many black men are shot and killed. I know that's probably why black women and girls are so largely unprotected. ( Because we take the blame for all the murders) but at the same time it's almost like black men don't even see black girls or women as even humen.I read somewhere that this guy is being investigated for child abuse and has three daughters.

Now I know white men have they're issues but with almost every black guy I met for dating always put emphasis on black women being strong, independent, not asking him for anything ( the women can't even ask him for a shoulder to cry on) and I feel like strong and independent black women just means a black women who settles for a man who cheats and gives her a black eye every now and then. I know the majority aren't like this but so many black men put pressure on black women to be strong and bare all types of abuse and it upsets me further when they get angry at black women for dating white men. I really want to know where the dehumanization black girls and women came from. No one talks about this at all.
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I notice that if I bring up issues black men face the responses I get are way more supportive and understanding but if I talk about black women I'm suddenly generalizing and making the whole black community look bad. I don't understand why I'm being told that racism black men experience racism/ injustice, not black women.
Do black men even see black women and girls as humen?
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