Why is everyone goosing after Andrew Cuomo so hard right now I’m a metoo issue?

First off, Why aren’t you going after joe Biden, Does the name terra Reade ring a bell if Andrew Cuomo Hass to go so does Joe Biden.

now, let’s face it guys and gals most of the people who got metooed are over the age of 50;and I gotta tell yea unless we want every politician and every celebrity over the age of 50 needs to retire right now, we need to give some of what you there doing some grace, we’re talking about people who grew up in the 60s and 70s the time of sexual freedom where anything goes. Especially with Andrew Cuomo.

now Andrew Cuomo they guy is Italian plus in 1957, Italian men from this time tend to be pretty aggressive, and have a majorly different culture, It not uncommon for a man to grab your face and give you a kiss on each cheek. It is also not uncommon for men over the age of 50 to put their hands on your back does it matter if this is the first time they met you or not, Same with the French, So we kinda need to give guys over 50 grace they were born in a different time, it would like taking putting King Henry VIII in modern America. He wouldn’t know what is going on or what is acceptable to the modern day standards..

now do I think Andrew Cuomo is a garbage governor he killed probably about 30-40 thousand senior citizens but not because he does the normal old Italian thing to do and kiss women on both checks in Italian culture it’s actually a greeting for a man to kiss women on the lips it’s also common for men of this age to put there hands on your back. So either we need to really cancel everyone over the age of 50 or we have to give everyone over the age of 50 some Grace here
Why is everyone goosing after Andrew Cuomo so hard right now I’m a metoo issue?
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