Girls, do women understand how much crap the typical modern guy goes through?

(I mainly want Girls to answer, but guys can comment, too.)

I won't turn this post into a bitchfest, but does any woman realize how hard typical men have it in modern society? To be worth anything as a modern man, you have to be:

1) Six feet tall and over

2) One of the top most-skilled or talented workers among your peers

3) In great shape; enough to devote a minimum of ten hours a week in the gym towards

4) Positive and not cynical, pessimistic, or depressed about life (at least around others)

5) Somewhat submissive to female partners, but not too submissive to be seen as weak or effeminate

6) CONFIDENT with enough ego brimming out the ass

And so on... Honestly, when describing all of these, my closest friend came up. He looks like the actor Miles Teller. A 6'1" 33-year-old handsome white guy who is actually just as cynical about modern society as me. But because he's tall, handsome, and popular, can BS with the best of them and managed to have a lot of success in his life, even getting engaged with his girlfriend of two years and owning his own repair company he started DURING COVID!

Meanwhile, I have pretty much a nearly equal mentality as him (except he's Christian and I'm agnostic, and I'm even smarter than he is, not to imply he's stupid). But I'm short, overweight, honest to women, and insecure about my physical flaws, and would get almost no success with women because of it.

Here's the honest truth: Men will only treat you nice if they're either a super-nice person in general, or they hope to date/sleep with you. Because men don't kiss other men's asses the way they do to most women. If a man like me talks to a woman like he does other men, women get taken aback by it and think the man is sexist or some BS. No. This is how other men actually talk to each other! Without the overt politeness and ass-kissing. Many women don't even realize it.

Do women actually realize how much harder it is to be a man in 2021 society over being a woman?
Girls, do women understand how much crap the typical modern guy goes through?
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