One major reason to run from a woman what do you think?

This is more a PSA than a question. If you're with a girl who believes that an unborn child is a clump of cells or a parasite, run for the hills, and never look back.

Not kidding on this, there is someone in here who will remain nameless who when I commented on her idiotic question about all men should be forced to get vasectomys, she literally told me that men have nothing to do with babies and children, that men don't care for or about babies and children, so there for we have no right to have any kind of say about babies and children. My exact words to her were "tell that to my brother who committed suicide because his girlfriend aborted his child with our even a conversation with him." her exact response was "Lmao. Ok? Sorry for your lost I guess but he doesn’t have the right to consent to something that’s not in his body.

He didn’t commit suicide because his girlfriend aborted his baby, he committed suicide cause he thought he was entitled to a fetus that doesn’t even have a brain and isn’t even inside his body?

It’s ok, all pro lifers can really do at this point is call me names when I show the hypocrisy in their argument "

She laughed at someone killing him self over the loss of a child.. One of the definitions of a sociopath is someone that has zero empathy or is in incapable of having empathy for anyone other than them selves. The lady above definitely qualified as a sociopath.

If the person you're with has any beliefs similar to hers run like hell and most definitely never marry a bitch like that. Not only is she OK with unilaterally deciding to abort, she's likely OK with murdering living children..
One major reason to run from a woman what do you think?
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