Do you believe the coronavirus was created in a laboratory?

18 top world scientists have now stated that covid-19 was most likely created in a laboratory. The virus didn't have any time to adapt to human hosts before becoming highly transmissible, which is abnormal. In addition, covid-19 contains a genetic sequence not found in any other coronavirus.

Former Chinese Communist Party official, Wei Jingsheng, has stated that the Chinese government intentionally released the virus in October of 2019 at the World Military Games in Wuhan. Miles Yu, the principal China adviser to the U. S. State Department, confirmed that many athletes became ill with coronavirus symptoms at the event. Li Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist that fled to the U. S. in 2020, has stated the virus was created in a Wuhan lab and was intentionally released as a bioweapon.

The government and mainstream media dismissed this as nothing more than a conspiracy theory for a year and half, despite there being no evidence that covid-19 came from a wet market. The bats were located far away and would have been in hibernation at the time the virus spread. Now experts are saying that the coronavirus may never go away and will only continue mutating forever.

Now that the initial shock is over, nobody seems to care if the coronavirus was actually created in a lab anymore, even though this would mean that the government and media lied to everyone all along.
Coronavirus was definitely cooked up in a lab
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Do you believe the coronavirus was created in a laboratory?
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