How come liberals don't understand pay cuts or spending cuts?

Liberals take money out of private economy with taxes and spending. Most Gov't dollars go to one source and die. The reason we have run away inflation now is because they printed money instead of cutting expenses.

Same in baseball , now that liberals control it, a guy hits.330 , 15 HR's , and 100 RBI's and they give him $20 million 2 year deal. Then after 2 years , the guy comes back averaging.250, 10 Hr's , and 60 RBI's and they sign him to a 3 year $50 million deal. Wrong, his production has gone down, so should his pay, but he voted for Obama , so they take care of him. He is also a minority and so they give him money.

A news anchor puts his hands down the pants of a female intern. Does he get fired? No. He is a great liberal that believes in global warming so they remove him like he is being punished, but secretly promote him to editor.

Liberals say they are open minded and tolerant unlike Republicans but a scientist, with credentials out the ass , says Global Warming is false political theory. Liberals take away his research grants and keep him from being hired anywhere , and make things up about him and family to destroy him. If Republicans were really intolerant , there would be no liberals alive. I know they would never have gotten control of Hollywood or TV.

This is how liberals operate. This is why economy is collapsing before our eyes.
How come liberals dont understand pay cuts or spending cuts?
Because they are liberals
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Because they don't understand how businesses work
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Because they are using others money
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How come liberals don't understand pay cuts or spending cuts?
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