Have you heard of Albert Camus and his work?

His work includes plays, novels, news, films, poems and essays in which he develops a humanism based on the awareness of the absurd of the human condition

In the Combat newspaper, he takes a stand on the question of the independence of Algeria. He successively protests against the inequalities that strike the Muslims of North Africa, then against the caricature of the exploiting black foot, or taking the defense of the exile anti-fascist Spaniards, the victims of Stalinism and the objectors of conscience. On the sidelines of certain philosophical currents, Camus is first witness to his time and continues to fight against ideologies and abstractions that divert from humans. He is thus led to oppose existentialism and Marxism. His criticism of Soviet totalitarianism earned him the anathemas of communists and his break with Jean-Paul Sartre.

The first video concerns the speech he delivered during the presentation of his Nobel Prize.

The second video is just quotes.


Have you heard of Albert Camus and his work?
Have you heard of Albert Camus and his work?
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