Have you heard of poet Alphonse de Lamartine?

He is one of my favorite poets. I'm sharing an extract here, I hope it's not badly translated.

" Thus, always driven towards new shores,
Carried without return into eternal night,
Can we never on the ocean of ages,
Anchor for just one day?

O lake! The year has barely completed its course,
And near the beloved waves it was to see again,
Look! I come alone to sit on this stone

Where you saw her sit!

You roared thus beneath these deep rocks,
Thus you broke against their torn flanks,
Thus the wind threw the foam of your waves
On her adored feet.

One evening, do you remember? We sailed in silence; All that could be heard far across the wave and under the heavens, Was the sound of oarsmen striking in rhythm Your harmonious waters.

Suddenly, accents unknown to the earth
Struck the charmed shore's echoes:
The wave was attentive, and the voice that is dear to me Dropped these words:

"O time! halt your flight, and you, auspicious hours! Suspend your course: Let us savor the rapid delights Of our most beautiful days!

Enough of the unfortunate here below implore you, Flow, flow for them; Take with their days the cares that devour them, Forget the happy ones.

But I ask in vain for a few more moments,
Time escapes and flees; I say to this night: be slower; and the dawn Will dispel the night.

Let us love, let us love! From the fleeting hour,
Let us hasten, let us enjoy! Man has no harbor, time has no shore; It flows, and we pass!"
Have you heard of poet Alphonse de Lamartine?
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