Are Black Womens Issues Not Relevant?

Does no one care about what has been happening in the black community and the women are falling victims to it. Everyday and every other day black women are being harassed, harmed, bullied, demeaned , beaten, and robbed. In our own communities, everyone in society looks down upon us and generalizes us calling us."angry, strong" even black men. We are heavily disrespected. So much so that other races of women who live in those communities don't have to fear being verbally harassed and attacked simply because they're not black women and the men obviously hate the black women. No one stands tall for us but someone we are the first to defend others? Why are we being stripped from our womenhood? Why do our men hate us? Why does no one call out our murderous counterparts who repeatedly destroy themselves and our communities. Why does society give black males grace and the "victim" title but does not extend the same grace to the women?
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The craziest part is I made 2 polls asking why do people dislike black women and men the black women thread was overflowing the black male thread was quiet.
Are Black Womens Issues Not Relevant?
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