Is it a good way to solve problem?


Like Russia and Ukraine Pakistan and India China and Taiwan. leftwing and righwings

They come from the same culture therefore they know weakpoint each other.

their speech are fixed to precise and stablize to these weakpoints from normal argument to logic sourt out alike.

So we just need to study on these points

Like taiwanese generally like westerners' p but westerners like American navy just go to the next station leave bastards as Vietnamese do without American wives know and go back to USA laught at Asians some of them need to pretend to laugh with local American. Everytime chinese need to pay adopt cost to save these children. Feel sad and many emotions. So advice them dont believe them easy.

so like "taiwanese are easy" would increase emotion to level up.

and taiwanese said because CCP's information not true.

yeah CCP is not true but for avoding it because if you dont experience the pain you would go the path.

Then the solve ways is like Nowadays we find white's skin is not good easy ageing not everyone as Tom Ccruise. So the problem is getting to disappear

Can we sort out similar argument to stop war?

Is it a good way to solve problem?
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