Women, how many of you find it overwhelming to operate in your masculine energy for too long?


I personally have a lot of feminine energy. I had to learn to operate in my more masculine energy to survive in today's world. But when I did, I got so anxious and over time my entire body was breaking down. My mental health also declined.

I find it really hard to survive in a world where biologically I'm just not designed to operate like a man. Some women are more inclined to it than others and that's totally okay. But for me, I'm not built for that.

My dream would honestly be to just be a wife and have my business (it's a wellness coaching business) but not having the pressure of my job being my first priority. I'd be much happier to be a wife first and just focus on the relationships in my life and caring for my family. Business second cause it's what I'm passionate about. And maybe some volunteer work because I really feel called to help people.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I see so many men complaining how we don't exist but we do and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. It's just the world doesn't do a great job at helping feminine women thrive and shames us for admitting to preferring more traditional roles.

I personally get super depressed over this occasionally. And it's hard to meet men in Canada cause they aren't huge on pursuing. And I noticed they tend to pick partners who naturally operate well in their masculine energy. Anyhow these are just thoughts and observations. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on all this.

I noticed most people on here are American but that's okay, I'm interesting in your perspectives too. But I get the feeling men in America are better at pursuing women and know what they want? Is that correct? Anyhow those are my 1000 questions.

Thank you!

Women, how many of you find it overwhelming to operate in your masculine energy for too long?
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