How can I get happiness?


I am a millionaire, I have some business and I am realy successful in that field but I dont realy like life. I dont have a wife, I dont have a family nor kids. Nor friends. I just have money and knowledge all my life. if I want to satisfy my desires I can just buy a bunch of girls and play with at night. Most people who know what my value are just wanting to get near me for my money, people who doesn't know who I am and what I have are just not interested with talking with me and actually i also dont like to talk about their stuff. They dont like math, science, stock market, businesses, physics or anything i am interested.
The only one who really showed me kindness was a 14 year old girl from a poor family who I met in the street and she is the first human ever to just to talk with me and ask how is my day and all, and she really meant it and her smile was so bright like the sun and I started to take her to some restaurants and stuff and her father thought something is strange about our relationship and he confronted me- and I just exposed who I am, and that his girl is special for me because I see how smart she is and i search People like his daught (I couldnt tell him that a 14 year old is the only true friend i have) . In the beginning he didn't believe, but when he saw all the bodyguards in disguise and the vila I have he was just shocked that he has the privilege to meet someone like me (greed…). By the way the 14 year old daughter didn't seem to care about the money and she just continued to talk with me and be kindness like she was like she is not affected by all the money and I decided that I want someone like her next to me altough she is minor and just a little girl. I convinced all her family to come to my house by pomising I am financing her college degree and anything she will want.
i feel empty that the only person who understands me is 14 year girl

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By the way my counselor told me to write it also because , i didn't listen to him, is it strange that I decided to allocate the girl - 6 bodyguards who spy on her movements in order to make sure that she will be safe all the time. ( 4 teenage boys bodyguards from her school , who went through a testing in which they fought with my best bodyguard and he told me that they are ready, and because they dont have guns and school shooting is possible i also hired 2 professional military bodyguards)
How can I get happiness?
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