Do you support Israel or Palestine?

So this guy set himself on fire screaming free Palestine outside the Israeli embassy. He’s a true legend but it’s tragic. Of course americans pointed guns at him while burning because that’s all they’re good for.

Americans need to stop being brainless. They’re like sheep. To the point they can support genocide. Americans are evil.

“People in Gaza are being burned alive, are suffocating to death under collapsed buildings, are having operations and amputations without anesthesia, are starving to death, are watching their loved ones die in front of them, are experiencing suffering of a degree that very few of us here in the west can even imagine. And our ruling class is absolutely attempting to normalize this for us.“ not my words but couldn’t put it better myself.
Do you support Israel or Palestine?
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Palestine 🇵🇸
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This is important for everyone. Learn about it. It will help you understand how evil the ruling class of the world is.
Do you support Israel or Palestine?
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