Did you notice the hypocrisy of liberal keyboard warriors?

liberal keyboard warriors write about "too many people" to justify killing a human fetus. liberals say "spay" stray dogs etc. is "humane merciful" because too many. or lie that abortion in situations NO risk to mother life, are justified because of a "risk to mother life". these conflict each other.

those same keyboard warriors don't do "spay" to THEMSELVES... for their "sincere belief" too many people in u. k. or...

u. s. but when "too many" dogs that IS "humane mercy" to spay... as they say about dogs... but not themselves! because they know not "too many humans".

disclaimer: not yet too many people in u. k. u. s. yet, until like china. but they say all that, showed THEY know false!

alternative is: punish doctors. check each abortion if truly a risk to mother or not! a doctor will do it if he knows real danger, but won't if not risk to ma, to avoid punishment.

just to sway opinions they lie the ban is "even when ma will bleed to death or has risk of death", despite the law contents in ohio etc.

similarly liberal agenda is invite undocumented immigrants? you said already too many!

they lost credibility. how can you believe such liberal hypocrits who wrote stuff that THEY know is false, as we see in comparison, but you get fooled it is true?

similarly the fact they won't spay THEMSELVES showed not humane... so can't spay dogs either? alternative is: if strays not adopted in a month kill, (burn or sell frozen to china? i don't know which is worse) humane to spay? they don't spay themselves as above!

they know all these are lies, but write them anyway as a keyboard warrior! liberals are the worst hypocrits!

did you notice all these conflicts?

Did you notice the hypocrisy of liberal keyboard warriors?
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