Does evolution prove ALL women are gold diggers?

There are studies out there that "prove" that the women who claim that they don't want a man with money are simply "denying" what they believe to be their "darker" side (provided by evolution)

Ever since feminism became rampant, this idea that women should provide for themselves simply provided a social mask for women to think they don't need men, but simultaneously hididng and denying (aka lying) that they don't DESIRE a man for money.

Just as a man is hardwired to mate and have sex with more than one woman.

But men also try and deny their natures as well. Because of society.

Why is it that you can believe a dark side in MEN due to evolution but as soon as anyone suggest there's one in women that you scoff or get offended?

If men have to fight their natures, are women just built perfect?

Or do they also have to fight a basic evolutionary nature as well?

You decide.

There's several scientific studies that suggest that all women are inherently evolutionarily hardwired to look for providers.

Alpha males with lots of resources in which to provide for their young.
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You know what's funny is that people will ask me for proof of this, but they never ask me or anyone to prove that men actually prefer to have sex with more than one woman.

You have to ask yourself, why is that?

All studies usually do is prove what we already knew to be true.

So do you really need to google that women or men have shallow tendency's?
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BTW here's one of a billion "proofs" out there.


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more "proof"

"Professor Robin Dunbar of Liverpool University"

Evolution tells us that resources are more important to women. Good fathers need to have means to feed offspring as well as willingness to stick around.

In our evolutionary past, before resources meant a Rolex watch and a sports car, a well-heeled man was one with high status in a hunting tribe."

High status males were often good hunters and likely to provide a steady supply of food."

Does evolution prove ALL women are gold diggers?
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