How long do you wait to add your crush on Facebook?

For example, there's a guy I like at work. Holy moly, he's the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most adorable guy ever. :-) He's got a couple of other co-workers on his friends list (yes, I Facebook stalked him - don't judge me, haha) but I don't know how long he'd known them and I don't know who did the adding. I think he MIGHT like me, but of course I don't know for sure. I know it sounds silly, but I don't want to come on too strong, or seem desperate or obvious. I've known him for about a month (that's how long we've been working together) and in that time we've established a really friendly relationship, as well as a couple of inside jokes, oddly enough. I just don't want to push too far. And please don't tell me "it's just Facebook, who cares". That doesn't help me, haha

I bought him a coffee a while back, and he said that he knew of a place that made the best, most heavenly sandwiches ever, and in return he would get me one. He asked me if I would be excited about that, and I said yes. :-) Well he was gonna get it to me yesterday, but when he called in the morning to ask if I was in, and if I wanted mustard on my sandwich, they told him that I had strep throat, which was a mistake because it was actually the other girl who shares my name that had strep throat. Anyway, I thought I could add him on FB, and then tell him that just FYI I was working *these days* and that I would be awaiting my sandwich with excitement, and that yes, I would like mustard on it.


Or is that just too lame? Haha

By the way, sorry for the long, over analyzed description there. I just really like this guy :-)
How long do you wait to add your crush on Facebook?
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