Is My Boyfriend Stingy?

First off, I want to say that there are good things about my boyfriend. We have good chemistry. He's funny, cute, smart, faithful and ambitious. We've only been together two months, but I've known him about a year. Now when we were dating, he was a gentleman and paid for movies, dinner, etc. He said that if we went somewhere I'd never pull my wallet out. Being independent, I always offered to pay for myself at least, which he never allowed. Now were in a relationship and I feel like I'm being starved. Lol. It's almost as if he doesn't want me to get the wrong idea that he'll support me financially. For example, we don't go anywhere anymore. He talks about going out, but we never do. If anything, I bring him food because I'm out somewhere eating and he asks. Meanwhile, he goes out with his friends to clubs and bars. Another example, we were at his moms house and she had bought pizza. His brothers asked if I wanted any and he goes "She can only have one." Even his brother thought that was harsh and offered me two slices. Third, we agreed to exchange Christmas gifts. This is the icing on the cake. Wanting to be a good girlfriend, I bought him a thoughtful, $80 gift. He loved it like I knew he would. Here we are January 7th and I still have not received a gift from my boyfriend. He's said hell take me shoe shopping but still hasn't. I told him to just buy me a gift card, which he still hasn't. It's embarrassing when friends ask what he got me. If he really wanted to buy me a gift, wouldn't he have bought one? Sigh. Not to mention the fact that he sometimes talks about how his ex got whatever she wanted from him. I don't know if I'm being punished for that but its messed up. Anyway, how do I bring this topic up without sounding like I want him to "save" me from all my finances? Am I being selfish or is he stingy?
Is My Boyfriend Stingy?
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