Why are men so stingy and women so giving? Sneaky and slick talking?

My boyfriend is stingy with food and money when my kids and grands come over. Always complaining about the food being eaten up and , when I give my daughter money to help her with the bills or help with her kids, so I just go to her house and spend time with her and the kids. I'm trying to keep this girl in her own house with her kids, so that she so won't have any reason to come and stay with us. Besides it's my money and he

still complains about the money that I worked hard for.

I make sure all of our bills are paid for first, and he has not ever helped any of my kids since we have been in this two year relationship. So why should he say anything?

Every time when they come over he acts like they ar taking over and he doesn't want to be bothered, especially when my grands come over he is always harassing them.

This has gone on too long and I must cut this relationship off, cause he just complains about everything, then there is always an arguing when it comes to either or our kids. He want to marry me but I can't do it. I have issues too but I am tired of trying to make everybody happy.

Now that I want to break off our relationship and be friends, he just says what ever is on his mind, and that just makes it even easier to get out.

Another, question what woman in her right mind would let a man have a cell phone and get all kinds of calls from women friends, just because they are old friends so what. This topic is waste of an endless conversation, cause he is always trying to justify his friendship. Whenever it's a woman, he turns the volume down, but his volume is always up loud and it's too late cause I already heard the woman's voice.

Now he wants to know who calls me on the house phone but I never ask him who is calling on his phone, and he never will or has told me since. Anyway, the relationship is over.

Why are men so stingy and women so giving? Sneaky and slick talking?
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