Guys who like to "party" and who have a "good girlfriend"?

So I am asking / wondering about my boyfriend (6 months). He goes out often, drinking, mostly with his buddies, smoke etc. downtown, etc. I'm not much of a party-girl, more like a "good girl" (dont smoke cigarettes or drugs, Haven't had sex yet and don't usually date except him recently). I like to actually do things and spend money on clothes rather than alc. In fact, I wish I went out more sometimes)

ANYWAYS, he's out right now and I am just sort of upset and I don't even know the reason :( I'm not jealous, I'm just wondering if that's what I want for myself. He's 24 I'm 22.

Would this relationship even work if we are different people in that respect? I know he's not looking for girls (dont worry), he just likes to drink and get stupid with his buddies I guess. I know 100% its not that.

Do you think he thinks that I'm boring because I don't usually? He has taken me out with him a couple of times but I didn't drink that much and had to get home or else my mom would be calling my phone.

To those "party-guys" out there, why do you go out, is it just to hang with friends? Why do you feel the need to get wasted?

Should I even be with him?

help me out pleaseee :)
Guys who like to "party" and who have a "good girlfriend"?
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