Why did he put handcuffs on me in a party?

So my crush is s really weird guy he doesn't manifest any interest and he is really shy and hold back he only lets go a little bit when he is drunk, normally he is a complete puss.y. And he never wants to show he wants be with and stuff. I'm almost sure he likes me by the way he acts with me and other stuff.

Anyways we were in a Halloween party and he had handcuffs in one of his hands and when we were talking he suddenly put the other part of the handcuff in my hand I asked him " wtf are you doing you it's your worst nightmare being stuck with me" and he said I have the keys and then he drag me to a corner of the house when no one was there and we were talking at a certain point he touched my chin and held my head. Then a guy showed up and interrupt the moment. My question is why did he do that? And was he implying something with all this?
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He was really drunk when he did that
Why did he put handcuffs on me in a party?
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