Do housewives still exist in developed countries?

I have always wondered this. In earlier times, it was usually the men who earned, whereas the women stayed at home to take care of kids, perform household duties etc. I reside in a third world country where this system is almost gone, but there are still some women of present generation who'd prefer to be housewives or homemakers. And their husbands don't usually mind it too.
So I just wanted to know, does the concept of 'housewife' still exist, however rare it may be, in developed first world countries like England, Australia, America etc. with the present generation?

P. S. This is NOT about women being considered inferior to men so they have to be housewives. Its just a general question. Besides, I certainly feel that there is nothing 'inferior' about being a housewife.
Do housewives still exist in developed countries?
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