Do you watch ABC’s The Ultimate Surfer?

If not, what do you watch? I watch a lot but so far i think this will be my fave show of the year. Surfing, baseball, and snowboarding are the only soorts i can just truly sit back and watch without getting bored. So yea, 7 girls and 7 guys compete. The talent is amazing but also no one was afraid to show that they make mistakes and aren't perfect. Anastasia should humble herself a bit but I’m totally down for the eyecandy Luke, Mason and Zeke. Speaking of, Zeke showed tf out this episode! I loved every bit of it!!

Other shows I watch atm… Power Raising Kanan, BET The Oval, Bachelor in Paradise, The Flash (just went off), Kung Fu (just went off), Chicago Fire (catching up), Chicago PD, Big Brother USA, Love Island USA (just went off), MTV Challenge, MTV Cribs (its back baby!!), and i think thats it atm. Not much is playing this summer.
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Another great episode last night!! y'all are really missing out. Surfer Tia is awesome! Zeke is too but he's a cocky mf. he's gonna get the Anastasia treatment if he keeps that up
Do you watch ABC’s The Ultimate Surfer?
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