With Liberty and Justice for All

With Liberty and Justice for All

This is the pledge Americans take and today these is the pledge we marched to protect.

With over 5000,000 people showing up to march in DC today, more than we're present at the swearing in, I'm touch by our ability to. One together.

With over 1 million marching across the US and 100,000 in London I feel we have the follow through to stay on task.


Truly a great day.

With Liberty and Justice for All

With Liberty and Justice for All

With Liberty and Justice for All
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  • madhatters4
    i was very moved by the massive outpouring of peaceful activism. it is what america is literally founded upon. these people voiced not just dissent but an organized voice and platform for things that should be advocated for and guarded against. i only wish i could have participated
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  • Rissyanne
    I thought liberals didn't like the pledge of allegiance? isn't that against your rules.
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    • Anonymous

      Very good question and thanks for asking it.

      Both parties in the US are fracturing. But as for the pledge some people don't like including god.

      But I think it is fair to say both sides of the aisle love this country equally, they just don't share the same dream.

      I don't classify all Republicans as the same because I know they aren't. And I listen to Tea Party people to give it a chance.

      We aren't adversaries we just have different vision.

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  • kickme
    More sore loser whiners who should try focusing their efforts on something productive
    • Anonymous

      This is a city amongst cities Main Street posting these signs. These are neutral signs. Austin, TX. Liberty and Justice for All.

      It's not whining it's advocating. I call my president my president. I accept that fact and congratulate those that believe in his victory.

      Saying alternative facts are simply lies isn't sour grapes. Today March for Life happened and that's a great thing. I don't agree with all of it but I like to see citizens organizing and speaking out. I wish we had more of this maybe even if it were Neonazi.

      This is what democrats crack looks like. It wasn't easy or fun for me to march. It was hard in some instances not to be upset.

      But then you have these well funded neutral affirmations by private businesses that say 'with liberty and justice for all'.

      To me it didn't mean for women. It meant for ALL. I wasn't marching for me. I was marching for all. It wasn't a sisterly hug fest. It was saying yeah I'm not going to down and ignore others rights.

    • Anonymous

      Now comes March for Life and I'll redirect attention back on to their cause as this is their hour.

    • kickme

      get a job

  • Blitzkrieger
    Truly a sad day for the history of mankind.
  • John_Doesnt
    I haven't taken the pledge since grade school.
  • Anonymous
    I know a lot of folks attending most of whom didn't vote
  • Anonymous
    There were NOT 5 million people there in DC. Nice try though.

    Regardless, it was pointless. Trump will be president for the next 4 years no matter what you say or do. Even the pathetic attempt to impeach him, which has already begun (WTF?) will fail.

    Women already have all the rights men have in the US, plus some, which is why most people look at your "great day" and laugh.
    • Anonymous

      500,000 not million. Learn to count.

    • Anonymous

      "With over 5000,000 people showing up to march in DC today, more than we're present at the swearing in, I'm touch by our ability to."

      Look what you wrote. ^^ In case you have trouble counting those zeros, there are 6 of them, which makes it 5 million. It would appear that YOU are the one who needs to learn how to count, dumb ass.

    • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    this isn't uniting anyone. women have their rights, in fact more than any other group in this country. you guys are just looking for handouts and it is just pathetic. I, nor will the majority of people join this idiotic trend.
  • Anonymous
    I never even learned what this pledge means. Teachers in elementary school told my class to stand up, put right hand on heart, and say the pledge. Why? I still have no clue.
    • Anonymous

      Nice point. In my industry I'm forced to pray and say the pledge monthly at professional luncheons. But some refuse to say under god.