Do We Not All Deserve Justice?

Do We Not All Deserve Justice?

When one of my friends was 15, both of her parents were murdered. Police never found out who did it, but from that day on her world was turned upside down. She had nightmares, she became angry lashing out at the world, she had to go live with her grandparents and change schools, she dealt with a lot of depression and always the thought that she never got a chance to say goodbye to either of her parents.

Now just imagine if by some miracle all these years later, the killer was found along with proof that he did in fact kill her parents. What if this guy now had 2 young children and worked in a school and was a prominent figure in the community? Do we assume that he should not go to jail because now he's a "better person?"

This is the question that has bothered me in so many of the responses in relation to Bill Cosby. This whole idea that he's now just this sad old man who is blind and shouldn't just die in prison. People are still pointing to all the good he's done as some sort of justification for not wanting him to go to jail?

But what about all the bad he's done?

What about the women he's scarred and tried to silence with his money and power over all these years? What about the struggles they had to endure? I cannot imagine approaching my friend and telling her that the killer of her parents is such a decent person now that he deserves no jail time for what he did to her family. I can't imagine telling an aunt that we should just let Bill Cosby be because he's old and not seek justice for her if that were her.

Do We Not All Deserve Justice?

It's easy to divorce yourself from the situation if it's not you or your family, but I know if this happened to your family, a lot more people would have a different opinion, but because of the passage of time, or his age, or his celebrity status, or his philanthropic work, people forget that there are very real victims of these crimes who have been waiting decades for this day to come, and why should they be denied that? Why should we, who are not victims of the abuse, the rape, the druggings, the silencing--- be so easily able to say, let him walk?

This isn't a case of he said, she said now. This is and was a case in which wrong doing was admitted in court. This was a grown man at the time who decided to do what he did and repeated these actions over and over again...because he could, and now justice has caught up with him, and I for one am glad of it. People should know that if someone does wrong to you, that there can actually be some form of justice given for the hell and pain and suffering you or your family and friends have had to endure as a result.

Do We Not All Deserve Justice?
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  • winterfox10
    What is Justice? Once you start answering that, you'll see just how murky your question really is.

    Anyone who does a crime deserves to be punished, but the punishment needs to be proportional to the crime committed. Bill Cosby has done a lot of good, supposing that he had been tried earlier, would it be fair to the people he's helped, to take away his ability to support them?

    What if one of the people Cosby helped was your friend whose parents were murdered? Is sexual abuse worse than murder? Why should we punish murder and rape the same way?

    I get your point, but you haven't defined what justice actually is.
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    • Anonymous

      Justice within the confines of the law. I'm not here to make up some philosophical idea of justice because that tends to always get poo-poed, but rather the law says should you rape someone, drug them, etc., x is the punishment.

      Also to your point, you make it seem as if Cosby is the only human being on earth who can help people or who has money to do so. He's one man amoungst many human beings who is able to help others including you and I. If he was of good moral standing, he would have never raped women against their will---that would have made him a decent person to just simply use his wealth and power to do good. We would never be here having this conversation and he's never be going to jail. He chose that path and now these are the consequences. Any sane adult is aware that actions have consequences and when you ignore that, this is what can happen.

    • I think that the definition of justice is essential to your argument though. You say that everyone deserves justice, and I totally agree, but there are many people being irresponsibly punished and exonerated in our current legal system. If the legal system's definition of justice is the one we are going with, then I guess I would humbly disagree with your take.

    • Anonymous

      You can espouse any definition of justice you would like...God's justice, legal justice, mob justice...any system you create or believe in will always have flaws in it. If you humbly disagree with this take, then point to the perfect system that exists where everyone gets everything right all the time. If we sit around waiting for that to exist, then no justice/punishment would ever occur. "Do we not all deserve justice," includes those that are also wronged by our judicial system; justice for those who are innocent for example and have been sent away...but this is not the case here. We do not speak of an innocent man. We speak of one who repeatedly raped and drugged women.

  • Aynsof
    Everyone deserves justice yes
    But justice is not always about vengeance and retribution
    Punishment for the sake of punishment does little good what it should focus on is to ensure the offender does not repeat the offense
    In a case like Mr. Cosby putting him in jail serves little purpose and it is not really justice but rather retribution he is a man of some means though a financial penalty would be more sensible for all parties
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    • Anonymous

      All justice is retribution...person A does something society or the individual does not deem right, and either a court, or an individual exacts their brand of legal or illegal justice. But who gets to decide what justice should be served. You who has not been the victim of said crimes or the victims (and I mean within the boundaries of the law)? It took this long to catch what was essentially a predator, and the women involved are finally getting the justice they should have gotten years ago. What does a few dollars do to you if you are already insanely rich? For him, sitting in a cell forced to think of his actions and his extremely poor life choices in the matter seems like an actual punishment and not some pay off which has little ramifications.

    • Aynsof

      No justice is not retribution that is merely an infantile response and it doesn't do any good it serves no useful purpose
      Him sitting in a jail cell for the what few years remain to him does not improve the lives of his victims
      The point of it to ensure it does not happen again do you believe he is at risk of being a repeat offender?
      I guess you are of the eye for an eye sort? You sound like it at least
      It doesn't work and as it has been said it in the end leaves the world blind

    • Anonymous

      What is retribution: tetribution is punishment administered in return for a wrong committed. To put someone in jail is to punish them for their crime, so yes, all justice is retribution. If I believed this were a case of an eye for an eye, wouldn't that mean I would have someone drug and rape him? So no, not the same thing. You have agreed to live in the society in which we are governed by certain laws, yes? Those laws dictate that should someone drug and rape someone, the punishment is jail time should they be so convicted. If you believe he should walk free, then you believe that raping someone should go without punishment. So should you, your mom, your sister, your child be raped by an 80 year old, there should be no retribution...because he or she is old? I may remind you that Cosby did this repeatedly, not just one time 'off the cuff,' and even that is awful.

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  • nojokecarmichael
    Bill Cosby is getting his justice some people are pissed about the fact that the women waited 20+ years, when he is near the end of his life to seek criminal charges. It's ridiculous, not to mention there are white men being accused of, and admitting to similar crimes and have yet to be brought in front a judge on criminal charges. We deserve justice when it's not a pick and choose type of thing.
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  • spunkygiraffe
    It may be harsh to say it, but crimes should be paid for, and people should face justice. People can change, people can do good things, these are decisions, just like the decision to do something wrong knowingly. People should consider what they are doing, and how it will affect other people. If they don't or neglect this, then it's definitely worthy of punishment.
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  • JimRSmith
    Good points, well made.

    I'm very sorry for what happened to your friend and her parents. I can't even begin to think of what that's like.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you. I feel the same way whenever she is able to talk about it. I can't also imagine what it's like to never feel like you'll get the why answers or to see that person in jail.

  • TheHelleri
    I think this is something to be addressed in the actual courts and not the court of public opinion.
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    • Anonymous

      Well, they have, and now we're talking about it.

    • xuinkrbin_

      Except, if it turns out the Cosby trial was conducted improperly, such as the judge allowing independent accusations being admitted as evidence in this particular case, the entire process of assessing guilt/innocence in this case is tainted and we can never actually know if he actual is guilty of having committed these actions or not.

    • TheHelleri

      @xuinkrbin_ In which case it's his attorney's obligation to pursue whatever recourse they have. Though in any case the media and the court of public opinion has already made it impossible for a fair trial to happen (at least trial by jury). He may be able to get a jury of his peers. But an unbiased one? A selection of jurors who've somehow not heard of the case and don't have a formed opinion? Damn near impossible. I'd think it nearly as unlikely that a Judge could actually act with complete impartiality. Celebrity cases rarely end in justice being fully served. Just like celebrity medicine rarely ends in the proper management of the patient.

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  • MexicanBagpiper96
    Too many people think of justice as punishment for a crime. Yes every one deserves justice. Justice is when someone receives what he/she is due. It can be as simple as receiving your paycheck in the correct amount after working the pay period at work.
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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Of course we all deserve justice. Bill Cosby is too old and frail for prison? Fuck that guy. You commit a crime, you do the time. Period.
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  • MarketData
    Life is fundamentally unjust, so justice is a human construct. As such it is imperfect. In an ideal world crime would lead more or less instantly to punishment. That is just not how the law functions. Having said that, I don't think the passage of time should ever excuse criminal behaviour.
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  • Logorithim
    Everyone deserves justice, no matter how much we might like them and dislike their victim, or vice versa.
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  • monkeynutts
    Yeah everyone deserves justice, Cosby, may die in prison. I think you have to be objective, obviously you would not go up to a family member of a murder victim and talk about how lovely the perp has become in the last 2 decades, no one is that horrible. There are many factors, you have to pray and leave it in God's hands after a decision is made in the courts.
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  • legalboxers
    The definition of Justice is what it is, Justice. Things need to be handled in a timely. or time fashion
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    • Anonymous

      What is timely? If one is raped, have you been any less raped a year from then, ten, thirty? Are my friends parents any less dead now that it has been a decade since they were killed? We have convicted people even once they have died because evidence was later found to prove that they committed the crime, and the same goes with innocent people who years later even after a conviction, have been freed based on new testimony or evidence or the ability to actually be able to speak to the matter at all. I can think of a lot of cases where victims of gang violence have been silent because of threats made to them or their families---not every choice is as simple as speak now or forever hold your peace.

    • Reach500

      agreed, I don't understand why statutes of limitations exist

  • A_Bell
    If we all got what we deserved (justice) we'd all be in hell. (I am an agnostic, but you know I mean.)

    Justice is actually a bad thing unless it is tempered with mercy and forgiveness.
  • Iron_Man
    He's an old man 3 years is like a life sentence he might even die in prison I wouldn't bother with Bill Cosby convicting him because all I know of Bill Cosby is him helping out children and he's always had good clean comedy no swearing or evil trash talk. His first trial was a hung jury. If worse comes to worse how about home arrest?
  • Jo1991
    Justice should be served irrespective of whether the person has turned their life around. Ultimately letting someone get off is wrong and 2 wrongs don't make a right
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  • Bananaman177
    Typically the justice you want, you don't get, and the justice you get, you don't want.

    Like prison sex, basically.

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  • VaIiant
    Justice is the one thing everyone should live by. Absolutely spectacular MyTake.
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  • watchmen
    Everyone deserves justice, no one is above the law, particularly God's law.
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  • DariusAlexa
    Well, basically justice is subjective retribution. If Jacob does bad shit to Suzy then Suzy is going to do bad shit to Jacob. It's often put onto a larger scale where Suzy and Suzy's justice is substituted for societies justice system. Jacob wronged the system by committing a crime against Suzy so through proxy, the system is going to get revenge on Jacob. Society takes it a step further and doesn't give up on Jacob as there is also a chance for rehabilitation but that doesn't mean that the end goal of justice is rehabilitation, the end goal is the said subjective retribution. It doesn't matter if all of a sudden Bill Cosby is a better person, rehabilitation is an added bonus, the real justice is getting back at him. The same with your friend's scenario.

    Of course justice varies but in modern society that's how it works. The retribution is carried out through proxy and skipping the retribution is breaking the system.
  • zagor
  • bubbatxman
    If I had a baseball bat, I would personally beat him to death and smash in his head and save the state the trouble of a 3-10 year sentence. No public figure gets to be a 10+ time serial rapist and not have the most severe punishment inflicted on him. He was America’s father figure to a generation of African American children. For him to have this horrible personal behavior for decades avoiding punishment is a tragedy. I hope he is raped daily in prison. The sentence is a joke, and he deserves no less than “a cruel and unusual” punishment, or more accurately, “a punishment appropriate to the severity of the crime”!
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    • TheHelleri

      There is some severe cognitive dissonance going on with what your saying here. For instance how can something be cruel and unusual but also commensurate? Also you would take violent action based on what you believe rather than what can be proven? What about innocence until proven guilty? What standard of evidence do you subscribe to that makes that okay in your mind? This is abhorrent rhetoric that has no place in a civil society. It's damn near to inciting violence.

    • bubbatxman

      @TheHelleri First of all, he is CONVICTED on 3 counts. The only reason he’s not convicted on 10 counts is that most states have Statutes of Limitation which prevents a case being brought after it is “too old”. (Too much time has passed since the offense.). Over 30 women came forward. I am mocking cruel and usual. I believe that a punishment should be appropriate to the severity of the crime.
      1. Multi-conviction rapist, in which the count would have been MUCH higher had he been tried and prosecuted 10 years earlier.
      2. Public authority figure, portrayed as a “father” to millions, in which he was rich and privileged most of his life.
      3. He thumbed his nose at the system, his lawyers paid off women for decades to keep this from coming out.
      4. For serial sexual offenders, (3 or more convictions), I believe in the death penalty. I do say that the case needs to be clear like this one and not something like statuatory rape where the offender might not know a victim’s age.

    • TheHelleri

      Absolutely none of that justifies what your putting forward. Your only barring for not taking justice into your own hands is not having the means convenient. And you talk about it as if you'd be doing the state a favor. As if they might even be grateful to you. When the reality is they would arrest you and you'd likely end up going to jail for 2-3x as long (costing the state even more). Your even wishing for him to be on the receiving end of sexual violence. As if two wrong suddenly make a right. You've no actual concept of what is just. Just a twisted sense of retribution (which is not justice).

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  • Parkwayvwhitechapel
    look at bill cosby he looks sad, there should be exceptions, a man that old and frail doesn't deserve to go to jail
    • Goodwifie

      What about Rolf Harris?
      I don't care how old a person is, let them rot in jail.

    • MarketData

      "Cosby looks sad." Yeah dude he's an actor. He didn't look sad when he was abusing those girls.

    • Goodwifie

      @MarketData 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Lance1965
    Everyone deserves justice but we don't always receive it.
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  • LonelyGuy87
    No we do not.

    Life is so damn unfair, almost makes you wanna kill yourself sometimes.
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