Justice is Hurting

Justice is Hurting

We're now living in a cultural crisis, a crisis that defines an enoch where politics are integrated in abuse cases, the achievement (or lack of) students in publics schools and universities, and the sovereign right to be in the life of the child you sired or bore. It's come to it where we have to have father's rights in many custody cases, showing the deviation that manifested from the father originally having all rights over his children, to have them compromised not even a century later on account of "tender maternity"...as if women weren't out fishing for a check.

It's gotten to a point where schools are so desperate to recieve recognition for excellence that they have dumbed down their cirriculum and no longer give Fs to students, but instead allowing them to get it right the 43rd time before they pass with a low C. Our youth are done an injustice in character and perception of the world, & they are set up to anticipate numerous chances in life. But there may only be one chance to invite that loner kid to eat with you at lunch, to apologize for something you horribly regret, or to tell someone you love them, before it's too late.

I work at my brother's high school. There was an incident earlier in the school year where a student in one of the classes I assist in was harrassing me due to something my brother had said to defend me from earlier, but petty, disrespect from the kid before. I left the room hyperventilating (I'll go on as to why later), and I told my supervisor the situation. The first thing she wanted to address was "what did you & your brother due to instigate it?" The student was threatening me, & she wanted to bring politics into the situation, as if defending the student?! That's the same attitude that allowed the man who sexually battered me (whom shares the same name as this student-aha, as to why I hyperventilated and teared up) to get off without anything being done about it, because it was "my fault I put myself in that situation" (as well as me not being able to present demonstrative evidence). And isn't it natural instinct for any man, young or old, to protect theirmother, sister, daughter or significant other? My brother wasn't "instigating" anything, he was protecting me.

My point is, everything has turned into politics. Wanting to go into criminal defense, I suppose I look like a hypocrite, but criminal defense is defending the person in trouble and coming to a resolution as to where justice can be balanced, not leaving the victim helpless. Speaking of Justice, and how things are going with everything aforementioned, where is she now?


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  • Sad to hear that. You reflected the reality of the society fairly well.
    Good take.
    However, it's not right to say that it is 'politics'.


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