It's Confirmed! President Trump Defeated The Liberal Media's War On Truth!


== BREAKING == Far More Americans Trust President Trump Than Trust Liberal Media

This may be the most important poll in recent times if not of all times. And it is very very bad news for the Democrats. For decades, the liberal press has exploited its monopolistic death grip on the political narrative in America. For decades Americans had no choice to consume their "news" from a liberal media perspective which has gotten increasingly and more shamelessly biased over the years to the point that it has now become an outright propaganda mouthpiece for a far left agenda of today's Democratic party.

Enter candidate and now President Donald J. Trump. Of all the many successful innovations he introduced in the political world, this one may be his most important. He found a way to get around the liberal media and prevent them from censoring, twisting, falsifying and distorting his message before it reached the American people. He broke their death grip on information by tweeting his messages directly to the people.

Yes, presidents before have used other technologies to bring their messages directly to the people. Notably President Reagan used television as a means of directly addressing Americans with his message. He turned his campaigns into the two biggest landslides in the history of the country including a never equaled 49 out of 50 state victory in his second term.

President Reagan's successful use of the media didn't go unnoticed by the left. It was not long after his term, and perhaps because of his successful exploitation of the media, that almost every media outlet began more carefully controlling what was reported, what was not reported, and how it was reported. Coupled with this was the Democrat's sudden interest in reinstating "equal time" laws which was their response to the embryonic rise of a tiny number of conservative talk radio challengers in the mid 80s such as Rush Limbaugh. By forcing these talk radio voices to have to provide "equal time" to voices from the left, they could cut back the air time of the conservative challengers by 50% and try to put them out of business keeping their monopolistic death grip on the "news" intact. (fortunately, the Republicans foiled that plot).

And add to all that the liberal media's systematic dumbing down of straight "news" -- just the facts ma'am -- reporting and replacing it instead with spin and commentary (today almost always disguised as fact based straight news) that increasingly served the interests of the left and the Democratic party. Fast forward to recently...

Thanks to the Internet, which has mushroomed beyond the left's control (not that they haven't tried!), conservatives have made some inroads in the media allowing something other than the Democrat's leftist propaganda to be heard by a significant number of Americans for the first time in decades. Although when measured in terms of the number of Americans who have access to information, the liberal media still has a vastly bigger number and vastly more outlets than conservative media. It's not even close.

But starting with the presidential campaign of 2016 President Trump innovated a giant leap forward towards the evening of the playing field for the previously censored voices of the moderate and right. After months of being misquoted, misrepresented, censored and just plain lied about in the liberal press, he found a way to bypass the press altogether and have his voice heard directly by the people with a tweet. No longer did he have to rely on the dishonest liberal press to faithfully report his message: a press that was bound and determined to prevent the American people from hearing his message and to make sure he lost the election. He could now speak DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE, with no middleman to ensure that they were hearing the truth about what he said and what he believed. No longer did the liberal press have a death grip on the narrative.

And THAT changed EVERYTHING, starting with a strong WIN for President Trump at the voting booths in spite of the media's vicious attempt to stop him, and now contributing to the success of his presidency as he continues to address the people directly and bypass the liberal media altogether. The media can no longer apply its liberal bias to control what Americans can hear from and about President Trump. For the first time Americans can hear it directly for themselves and judge for themselves. And this poll provides a striking confirmation of the liberal media's utter defeat and President Trumps incredible victory. No wonder the liberal media, and the Democrats they shill for are LIVID. The results are in. In an earth-shattering final battle for the preservation of truth they have lost the media war.

New Poll: Far More Americans Trust President Trump Than The Liberal Media

It's Confirmed!  President Trump Defeated The Liberal Media's War On Truth!

It's Confirmed! President Trump Defeated The Liberal Media's War On Truth!
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